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If you provide information on Education, Business, Travel, Case Studies, Fitness, then you are welcome to Middleera. Read our complete Article Related Guidelines and please note that we are very strict on the quality of content. And if you want to write on your own topic then you may contact us – visit@middleera.com

  • All articles must comply with our “Article Related Guidelines”.
  • Non-Commercial links are allowed. And if you want to add a commercial link then before adding please contact us.

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Article Related Guidelines –

  • Read the first paragraph of the “Write For Middleera” page before writing content for us.
  • The Company Middleera is based in India and a targeted audience is also from India so your article should relevant to an Indian audience.
  • If you think your article can get targeted worldwide. then it’s okay we can still accept it.
  • Do not place any commercial website links in your article if you want to, then you should contact us before placing the links.
  • Do not add any image in this article, the featured image for your post is being designed by our Middleera’s Design Team, so you don’t need to add any photo and if it is compulsory to add the photo then you can add one photo and that photo should be unique and not downloaded.
  • You can create a photo from CANVA.COM

Article Writing Guidelines –

  • Your post should be a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1000. And there should not be any spelling mistakes.
  • You should not include any photos in this article and if you want to you can add only one, which should be a JPG image.
  • Your article should be unique and make sure not to copy from anywhere and if we found that your article is copied your article is not going to get published on our website.
  • Do not think that ” How we will know whether the article is copied or not” we have such tools that show the exact result from which website this article is copied.
  • We do not accept any translated article, also we have tools for checking whether your article is translated or not.

Middleera’s Category related Guidelines –

  • EDUCATION – The educational articles must include College and Schools review, Exams related articles, Educational updates like upcoming exams such as NEET, JEE, and all types of exams and state level exams too. (This type of article should get included by covering very small topics like how to fill the form, how to apply for this exam, and very small updates like exam dates, when you will get the hall tickets, and many more small updates as well as big updates).
  • BUSINESS – If you want to write an article related to Business then your article must include Case Studies of Successful Entrepreneurs and successful Stories, Write on the journey of business companies, their mistakes, and solutions. Write about strategies to grow business. also, you can write content related to business Strategies, Every small and big topic related to business
  • TRAVEL – In travel articles you should write the places Review. If you are a travel enthusiast, share your experience bout tourist places. You can also share famous food, region, monuments, religious places, hill stations, etc. All information related to the specific place. Your post should be unique and attractive in look.
  • FITNESS – In fitness-related articles, you should cover all tips related to fitness, yoga, Diet. If you are a fitness freak, share your fitness tips to help others to be fit. You can share Diet plans, exercises, good habits and bad habits, routine plan, etc.
  • OWN CATEGORY – If you want to add your own then first contact us and then you can write the article. Because Middleera thinks that “You can write very well about which category you have the most interest”.