Incredible fort: Why visit Sinhagad Fort during weekends.

sinhagad fort

Sinhagad Fort is one of the most visited forts in Maharashtra. Sinhagad’s name was by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Before that, it was called Kondhana. Tanaji Malusare was one of the important ministers in Shivaji Maharaj’s Cabinet. Tanaji Malusare was one of the bravest and intelligent ministers.

Tanaji Malusare had his son’s wedding just before Sinhagad Battle. When Tanaji Malusare realized that Maharaj was planning to capture Sinhagad Fort from Mughals then Tanaji Malusare asked Maharaj to give him the responsibility of the battle.

Tourists visit it mostly in the moisty period. Apart from tourists, local people also visit the fort regularly. People visit it for relaxing themselves from the hectic schedule and stressful working days. Most of the people visit Sinhagad Fort during weekends. People get holidays mostly on weekends. Hence they visit Sinhagad Fort during weekends.

Sinhagad Fort is situated in a rural area. Students visit Sinhagad for trekking and enjoying it with friends. They mostly arrive early in the morning to return home until evening. Students get free time on weekends. Hence mostly, they visit Sinhagad Fort on weekends.

Sinhagad fort carries rich cultural and dynastic background. Sinhagad fort was one of the prominent forts during the Maratha Kingdom under the leadership of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It was captured by Maharaj from the Mughals.

Sinhagad’s name was given to fort by Shivaji Maharaj after when Veer Tanaji Malusare martyred in a battle with Mughals. Sinhagad Fort is a popular fort in Maharashtra. The popularity increased all over India after the Bollywood film “Tanaji”. In this movie, Ajay Devgan played the role of Veer Tanaji Malusare. The movie beautifully showed the bravery of Veer Tanaji Malusare on the screens.

Journey to Sinhagad Fort :

I visited the fort recently. So I will explain the characteristics of the fort through my journey.

We all friends get free time on weekends. Hence we chose to visit Sinhagad Fort during weekends. I and my friends chose to journey to the fort via bikes. Fort was situated 60 km away. We took 1.5 hours to reach the fort. We arrived for the fort early in the morning. It was such a thrilling experience to witness such a journey.

The energy of happiness was battling with the cold breezing winds. These winds were so harsh to us that our bodies were shivering.
As we were riding bikes, our hands were frozen. We were not able to relax our hands. After some time, sunshine started falling our bodies, relaxing our hands.

When we reached, we were surprised to see a big hole in the foot region of the fort. Fort authorities said that private vehicles were not allowed in fort premises. We were asked to keep vehicles in parking zones. The parking charge was also taken by respective fort authorities.
Some private vehicles were allowed to enter fort premises.

Tempos were available to carry passengers from the foot region to the main fort region. We thought that enjoying moments come when we spend time together for a while. So we decided to cover the distance by walking. It was 9:30 am then.

We were overwhelmed at the beginning of the trek. We were talking and teasing each other throughout the journey. It was such a joyous moment I cannot explain in words. We were ganging up against each particular individual and used to tease them one at a time.

As time was passing, we realized that the fort was 3 km away from us. After some time, we noticed a place where people were taking photos. We also captured some photographs. As we were approaching the fort, we saw a tea and snacks stall. We chilled our throats with the cold water and then continued our journey.

At last, we reached the main fort region. We realized this we witnessed many local food stalls. From Panipuri to Pithla Bhakar, a wide variety of food stalls were present.

When we reached the main door of the fort, we realized that one hilly raw road. On this road, people were trekking. We took a long breath with hands flying in the air when we saw the whole surroundings from above.

We witnessed some stony caves that were built to shelter the horses and other domestic animals. An Ice Gola stall was present near us. We approached the owner and started asking various questions regarding forts and about him. He offered us the goals and we could not deny it.

After this, we went forward. There were many locals present offering us to eat in the shadows of the trees. At this time, decided to eat while coming back. We were constantly asking locals regarding locations of various popular spots present.

We went forward to take a blessing in the Tanaji Malusare Samadhi Sthal. When we entered that region, we learned a great history of the fort through various paintings and information given on the wall. A couple of statues of Veer Tanaji Malusare were present. Apart from this, a place where Veer Tanaji Malusare martyred is present. One local man came forward and started telling the history of the Sinhagad Fort.

After taking Darshan, we went further to see various historical structures. A tope khana is present in which a couple of topes are kept. This tope khana is situated on the highest point of the fort. From the windows of this tope khana, one can see a large portion of the nearby regions.

After visiting all the spots, we decided our way to return. We ate Pithla Bhakar on the return way. These stalls were covered with beautiful shadows of the trees. Despite taking taxis, we preferred the return journey by walking. It took us around 1.5 hours to climb down the fort unlike 2 to 2.5 hours to climb up.

It took around 2 hours to reach back home due to traffic in the evening. Hope you got enough information about Sinhagad Fort. Some of the common questions are answered below.

How to go to Sinhagad Fort from Pune?

It is easy to access every place in Pune because it has one of the best Transportation systems in Maharashtra.

PMPML buses also run from various places of Pune to Sinhagad Fort. Sinhagad region has good road connectivity. Because of this, private vehicles ie. two-wheelers and four-wheelers are used frequently. Bikes and cars are used by most of the people to visit Sinhagad. In my opinion, it is good to visit Fort on bikes and Cars. PMPML buses are not controlled by people. Buses come on an unusual time. So it is good to visit Sinhagad Fort by private vehicles.

Usually, students visit Sinhagad Fort on weekends. They usually carry bikes or cars with them.

As mentioned in our earlier blogs discussing Pune and its features, we mentioned the Transportation System of Pune in one of our posts.

Is it safe to visit Sinhagad Fort?

Yes, it is safe to visit Fort. I don’t understand why it is frequently asked question by people. It is one of the popular forts in Maharashtra. This should not be questioned at all.

For further official information about Sinhagad Fort, visit : Pune official


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