WhatsApp New Privacy Policy 2021 Explained

WhatsApp has updated that new privacy policy and according to that if you agree to the new privacy policy it means that the following points given below you agree to that. Read each and every point carefully.

WhatsApp says if you do not agree with our privacy and terms then your account can get closed.

WhatsApp Message Policy:

Whenever we send a message, image, or video to anyone using WhatsApp then does that message get stored in their server? Then the answer to this question is yes as well as no. There are two criteria for knowing the answer.

  1. If the message is undelivered then it gets store in the WhatsApp server for 30 days and after that, the message automatically gets deleted from the server.
  2. If the message is delivered and seen by the user then the particular message does not get stored in the WhatsApp server as soon as the user has seen the message that message or image or any file do not get stored in the server.

WhatsApp encryption Policy:

WhatsApp Old Encryption Messgae…

As we know each and every message we send to any particular person is encrypted and this line is written on the WhatsApp chatbox “Message to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption” it means that the third person can’t check the messages.

WhatsApp device and connection policy:

Whenever we install the WhatsApp what permissions do WhatsApp required for running the application?

  1. WhatsApp stores the Information of the device which you are using (on which WhatsApp is installed)
  2. Network connection speed.
  3. Hardware information.
  4. Operating systems information.
  5. Battery level.
  6. Browser information.

WhatsApp location policy:

The most important permission WhatsApp wants to access from us is the location but why does WhatsApp need the location access? Because sometimes we send the live location using WhatsApp and for this WhatsApp needs to access your location. And also you need to know that WhatsApp collects your location data and also it can share that data.

WhatsApp’s privacy policy also says the most important thing which we think WhatsApp shouldn’t do this is “Even if you do not use your location related features we use IP address and other information like phone number, area code to estimate your general location”

WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook:

We all know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and in the last 5 to 6 years we can check that Facebook is not good at its privacy. But the WhatsApp’s new privacy says that we will share your WhatsApp data with Facebook. Let’s check what WhatsAPP’s data get shared with Facebook…

  1. Account registration information.
  2. Phone number.
  3. Transaction data.
  4. Service-related information.
  5. Mobile device information.
  6. IP address.

NOTE THAT – Even if you don’t have a Facebook account then also WhatsApp with share this information with Facebook.

WhatsApp ads policy (why WhatsApp wants to collect this information?):

In this privacy policy WhatsApp has clearly mentioned that…

“We still do not allow third-party banner ads on our services we have no intention to introduce them but if you ever do we will update this privacy policy”

But the main thing is they haven’t said that we won’t show it, they said in future we can show the ads on our services it really means that in future we are going to see ads on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp minimum age:

A new WhatsApp policy has clearly mentioned that users below 16 should not use WhatsApp. This means if your age is above 16 you are good to go but if your age is below 16 then you can’t use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp User/Account Ban policy:

The second most important topic in this privacy policy is WhatsApp clearly mentioned that “We may Ban account if we believe the account activity is in violation of our terms of service as per terms of service we may retain the right to ban you without notification”

It means that WhatsApp will not notify you if WhatsApp wants to Ban your account if WhatsApp notices that you are doing something wrong then WhatsApp will Ban your account without notifying you.


This move of Whatsapp caused a huge backlash among Indian citizens. Users are highly disappointed by such policy changes made by Whatsapp. Users are sharing their reactions on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Recently, WhatsApp responded to criticism and trolls and said that they are not going to compromise with user’s data.

Indian Government recently wrote to Whatsapp CEO, raising concerns over Whatsapp’s discriminatory policy changes which are different for Indians and different for Europeans. Whatsapp officials are also summoned by Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology headed by Dr. Shashi Tharoor.


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