Visapur Fort: Amazing fort to trek during the rainy season

Visapur Fort

Visapur fort is one of the forts under by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s control, situated in Malavli area near to Lonavala. Lonavala is located in between Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Apart from Visapur Fort, Sinhagad Fort and Lohagad Fort are quite famous in Pune.

In Malavali, there are many historical places to visit. Visapur fort is one of these sites. Lohagad fort is situated near to Visapur Fort. Visapur Fort is one of the beautiful tracks in the Malavli region. Another historical place which is situated in the Malavli region is Bhaja caves.

Journey To Visapur Fort from Pune:

It is good to visit the fort in the morning. One has to pick local trains early in the morning from Pune Junction around 6 o’clock. It is the best time to visit. The fragrance of cold breezes is just amazing.

For the trek of Visapur Fort, one has to go to Malavli. One can easily go to Malavli by private vehicles like cars and bikes. Mumbai-Pune Expressway is used to go to this place.

One can also go by local trains. It is quite affordable as compared to private transport economically.

It is good to visit such with family or friends. Spending time with these people is relaxing. It takes around 70-75 minutes to reach Malavli Station from Pune Junction. It is preferable to visit Fort by walking from Malavli Railway Station. Taxies and local transport is available. But it reduces travel time which directly affects the exploration of this place.

Trek to Visapur Fort:

From the Malavli railway station, it takes around 20-25 minutes to reach the starting point of the trek.

There are three ways to trek visapur fort. One from the backside, the second one from near to Bhaja caves, and the third one is from the backside near to the Lohagad fort.

Total time to reach the top of visapur fort approx. 90-100 minutes. It depends on individuals and situations.
In the rainy season, one needs to be cautious while trekking. Due to the growth of bushes, it is quite slippy.

One can witness many beautiful and relaxing places while trekking. There are two patches stops, which seem like plain ground.

After crossing the second patch, the next stop is directly on to the top of the fort. All greenery near Visapur Fort can be witnessed from the top. Beautiful sunrise scenery is a kind of thing that everyone wants to see. It appears similar to our childhood drawings of scenery. Only the river thing is absent.

There are various points at the top of the fort, but the important ones are four to five points. On one point the cannons are situated while on another, the pools are situated. The Hanumanji temple is also situated on top of the fort.

Next to the Hanumanji temple, the wall is situated. From this wall, one can see beautiful scenes of nature. It seems like one is connecting with nature leaving all tensions and problems behind.

One can see another fort named Lohagad fort from the top. At the last point of the fort, a small snack stall is situated. This point is situated in the backside region of the fort. Snacks are available like Maggi and some crunchy food. Apart from this, Peru and other fruits are available.

The backside of the fort is mostly used for trekking which is near to the Lohagad fort in a low rainfall period. The place is full of rocks in monsoon season or rainy season. Due to waterlogging on the backside of the fort in the rainy season, it is preferred to choose other routes. Otherwise, it is a quite wonderful experience to trek fort from the backside.

Favorable period to visit the Visapur Fort:

The most favorable season for trekking on the fort is monsoon season. In Monsoon season, one can see the beauty of the fort and how it looks with all greenery. It seems like one is witnessing the place of peace. There is an extraordinary feeling of peace and one can connect with nature power.



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