Top 20 Must use Applications for students in 2020.

Top 20 Must use Applications for students in 2020.

Byju’s – Online Learning Application.

Byju’s is one of the most popular learning applications made for students. If you are having this app you do not need to go for any coaching classes because Byju’s provides 10 times better knowledge than of the coaching classes. What Byju’s is, and for what it is made for? Byju’s is an application available for Android as well as for iOS devices. Installing this application you get short animation video lectures through which learning becomes much more simple.

Byju’s learning app was launched in the Year 2015 this app was made for providing educational content for the student studying in grade/class 1 to 12. Most of the students living in India make use of this Byju’s application for preparing exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS.

Wait! Not only these exams, any type of exam such as 10th board exams, 12th board any diploma exam, engineering exams, and for preparing any type of exams you can use this application and a large number of students use it.

Byju’s mainly focus on subjects like Mathematics and Science this app was developed by Think and Learn Private Limited and established by Byju Raveendran in the Year 2011. After almost four years of development, they launched Byju’s The learning app on the internet.

Over 2 million students downloaded this app in the first three months after the app was launched. After completing one year in 2016 this application was among the best self-improvement applications on the internet.

In the Year 2017 think and learn launched Byju’s maths application for kids to get perfect in mathematics and Byju’s parent connect an application to track the progress of their student. The byju’s application became the business case at Harvard Business School.

In 2018 Byju’s learning app had over 15 Million users and in that 900000 was a paid user. The student averagely spends 53 minutes daily on Byju’s.

YouTube – Best Free Learning Application.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-watching applications available on the internet in this world as YouTube is a product of Google. YouTube was founded by 3 people Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley. The present CEO of YouTube is Susan Wojcicki. The YouTube app was founded on 14th February year 2005 in San Mateo, California, United States.

YouTube allows people to upload videos on the YouTube application. Also, you can subscribe to channels so that whenever the channel uploaded a new video you will get notified. YouTube is a free video-sharing platform they are having a premium version but the free one is more than enough for people.

Also, you can upload any type of video on YouTube. YouTube strictly does not allow us to upload any video content containing age-restricted videos. Also, you can create a channel on YouTube and start sharing videos. YouTube does not take any money for uploading the video of a creating channel you just need an email address that’s it you are good to go.

On YouTube there are thousand plus channels made for students the owner of the channel teaches everything related to studies. If you are preparing for exams like IIT JEE, NEET, IAS, CAT you can simply go to YouTube and search for the topic which you want to learn and you will get more than thousand videos on that particular topic you can watch any of the videos and your concept will get cleared.

Also, we do not need to pay money for watching videos each and every video available on YouTube for free of cost you do not need any money to pay for it simply go to YouTube application and search for your query.

Not only this but if you are content creator I mean if you have a channel you can start your earning from YouTube application. YouTube has certain criteria if you fulfill the requirements of YouTube you are eligible for earning money on YouTube. How does YouTube pay? Visitors may see advertisements during the video and YouTube pays you the money for that.

I will provide you the best 5 channels on YouTube which is best for educational purpose

  1. UnacademyChannel Link.
  2. Etoos EducationChannel Link.
  3. VedantuChannel Link.
  4. MisostudyChannel Link.
  5. Physics Wallah – Alakh Pande – Channel Link.

Udemy – Online Learning Platform.

The founder of Udemy is Eren Bali 222 software for life virtual classroom when he was living in Turkey. Made this product free for everyone.

In February 2010 they bootstrapped the development of product and launched Udemy – the Academy of you. 1000 + instructors created 2000 courses within a few months approximately udemy has 12000 + registered users.

Udemy is the platform wherein instructors are allowed to create a course on their favorite topic. Here on udemy you will not only get video lectures related to studies but also some extra topics like web development, website designing, and any type of topic which you want to learn.

Udemy also offers for businesses over 4500 plus courses that are available on digital marketing, programming, designing, and many more. Uploaded videos on udemy are PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, and zip files thyey also have online discussion boards Technology where you can communicate with the teacher live.

All the courses available on udemy are not free some are paid and it totally depends on the instructor whether he wants to provide the course free or he wants to provide it paid.

April 2013 udemy created an app for Apple iOS devices allowed in students to take classes directly on the Apple devices and in late 2014 they launched the application for Android devices in 2014 they completed almost 1 million Plus downloads in that 22% of users access their video lectures directly from mobile devices in 2016 the expanded the iOS platform to Apple TV and in 2020 this app is one of the most popular app for Android in India.

Unacademy – Online Learning Platform.

In the year 2015 Gaurav Munjal, Himesh Singh, and Roman Saini founded the application the Unacademy. Unacademy is a platform for learners and for educator. The unacademy application focus on education creating video lectures, video animation lectures, and live interactive classes to students.

Watching video animation lectures students get a clear idea that what they are learning. Unacademy has 30+ exams preparing categories such as IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, and many more.

Till the date on academy has more than 1 million of video lectures and 10000 Plus intelligent educators providing the best content for students. 70% of its user from Tier 1 and Tier 3 cities in India as the company said.

Vedantu – Online Learning Platform.

In the year 2014, the Bangalore Based Vedantu innovation Private Limited was launched. The name Vedantu derived from the Sanskrit word “Veda” means knowledge and “Tantu” means network.

The Vedantu is run by four friends from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, Anand Prakash. Vedantu is made for students from class 4th to 12th for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and for Central Board of Secondary Education.

Vedantu live online tutoring in steam, English, Hindi, German, Sanskrit, environmental science, social science, French, and many more this is also a popular platform for exam preparation such as IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS.

PhotoMath – Maths Problem Application.

Many students found maths is hard subject but it’s not because you are not using the right tool. The innovative maths application photomath is one of the best app for students who really want to learn maths and who found maths is very hard.

Basically this is a scanner type app using this you can solve any problem of maths. If you want to solve a problem just scan the problem in this photomath app and this app will show you how to find the answer. After scanning the problem it won’t directly get the answer but this app will show you the steps and that is what the great thing this app is having.

The photomath app created by Micro Blink. This is a company that provides Machine Vision Technology Mobile Tools.

Study IQ Education – Application for UPSC Students.

Study IQ Education is a wonderful app for UPSC aspirants. Study IQ Education also has a YouTube channel. On YouTube, many experts do a case study on various current affairs. This channel is very helpful for UPSC students. On this app, one will get a detailed analysis of current affairs and events. A wide of experts can share information on various topics. This is very useful for students who have interested in current affairs.

The Hindu – Application For Civil Service Aspirants.

This app is very useful for Civil Service Aspirants. The Hindu newspaper as very famous in India. This app covers almost all topics around India and the world. This app can provide correct and detailed information about a particular topic.

Zoom app – Application For video conferencing.

Zoom app is a video conferencing app. It is free to use. It is used widely in many countries. It is beneficial for the students in the online mode of learning. Teachers as a host can set up a meeting. Students can join this meeting with the help of a link or meeting ID.

In free version Participants limit is 100 while in the paid version of zoom, one can add more 100 members. Teachers can share their presentations on zoom. It is very easy to use zoom, especially for students.

Microsoft Teams – Application For video conferencing.

Microsoft came up with the Teams app to compete with zoom and other video conferencing apps. Teams app is a combination of video conferencing and classroom apps. On Microsoft Teams, students can give quizzes, upload assignments, conduct classes, etc.

It is a complete setup of a virtual classroom. Teachers can upload notes, give assignments, and take quizzes/tests. Up to 250 people can conduct meetings. Teachers can easily take attendance with just one click. Students can also share their screen if the Teacher makes you the presenter.

Students can ask doubts in the chat window. Apart from this students can also send photos, etc on the chat window. It is better to keep teachers a presenter and students an attendee. The app is quite easy to use. Unlike Zoom, it has good graphics. Zoom and Teams consume fewer data.

Cisco Webex Meeting – Application For HD video conferencing.

Cisco Webex Meeting App was originated in Singapore. This app provides HD quality video conferencing experience. It is a highly recommended video conferencing app if you are using WIFI.

On Cisco Webex, many options are available such as audio-only mode, polling, sharing content, etc. It is similar to zoom but it provides very high HD quality video conferencing experience.

If you want to use it on normal mobile data, then you have to turn off the HD video option and turn on low bandwidth mode. On this app, students can easily ask doubts in the chat window.

Google Classroom – Application For live online learning.

To enhance online learning, Google introduced the Google Classroom app. It does not provide a live online learning option. But it has options for assignments, syllabus, notes. Here students can easily access these resources with the help of a Gmail account. Teachers can upload information and notes in the classroom. As it is a google product, the architecture of the app is up to the level.

Eventbeep – Event Reminder Application.

It is an event reminder app that can beneficial to students who have joined various Clubs. These Clubs can set up their account on Eventbeep. Students can receive messages and upcoming events of the club. These Clubs can conduct quizzes on this platform. Apart from events, teachers can upload various notes on this platform. This app also has an attendance option.

Decoder – Application For coding enthusiasts.

The decoder is a wonderful app for coding enthusiasts. The decoder is a mobile app that provides options to compile C, Python, Ruby, Html, CSS, Javascript, and many more. The decoder is small size mobile app. It works on the internet. Most of the engineering students use the Decoder app.

Desmos Graphing Calculator – Application For graphical problems.

Well, every student must install this app. During our course, we face many graphical problems. These graphs are not very easy to visualize. But with the help of this app, students can easily solve graphical problems. Students just have to put the equation of the curve, the app will automatically show the whole graph. It is easy to solve complex problems with the help of this app.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Application For creating presentations.

PowerPoint is one of the most popular software for Microsoft computer as well as they having the app for Android devices the Microsoft PowerPoint was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at a software startup in Silicon Valley named forethought.

Canva – Application For creating presentations.

Canvera is the best application created for students who want to design, create presentations, and many more things. Melania parkins the founder of canva, when you are studying at the University of Western Australia shit talk students how to use programs such as in design in Photoshop and that programs found hard to learn for students.

Canva is used for designing photos, not like Photoshop but if you want to create a presentation or you want to create your featured photos for your books then you can use Canada and it’s very easy to use.

Microsoft PowerPoint is also one of the best platforms for creating presentations but in that, you won’t get images and all stuff which required in presentation but in canva you get each and everything related to your presentation if you want any image or any illustration you do not need to go to Google and download the copyrighted material rather than can we provide you a library where you will get it turns off images and illustrations but not all of them are free some of them an available only for providing and which is not too costly you can buy and you can use that too.

This app is not only made for students but if you are a businessman or if you are doing a job and if you need to create a presentation and you can use this platform it’s very easy to use. There were also launched an application for Android and IOS devices.

Adobe Scan – Application For Scanning Documents.

Adobe Scan is a document scanning app. It requires us to register with google account. After all scanned documents are stored on cloud storage. Documents can be stored as pdfs, photos, etc. In the future, suppose Adobe Scan is deleted, all the past scanned documents can be retrieved with the google account. Adobe Scan is very helpful for students as it provides a scanning option. Students can scan assignments, important documents, and can store them as a PDF or JPEG file.


LinkedIn is an important app for students going into the corporate sector in near future. In this app, one has to create his/her account. One can follow many entrepreneurs and students who are very good in the corporate sector. LinkedIn also has a LinkedIn Learning app that is connected with the help of LinkedIn account. Many students can share their business ideas, answers to difficult questions on this platform.

Moodle – Application For learning.

Moodle is completely free to use. Moodle app is one of the best learning apps. It requires the college to set up the account. With the help of a college account, students have to register them on moodle. Once registered, all resources uploaded on moodle by teachers can be accessed by students.

Teachers create subjects group where students have to enroll themselves to access material of that particular group. It is beneficial not only to students but also to teachers. Apart from notes, students can also give quizzes/tests organized by teachers.

Students can also submit assignments on this platform. Moodle gives the option of calendar events where all due submissions and upcoming events can be seen.


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