(No Investment) Start a online business and build a Empire.

start a online business

Due to this COVID-19, many of the companies have granted permission to work from home in this situation everyone is trying to do work from the home. This is the right time to start a online business. If you want to build your own Empire and if you want to be your own boss this is the right time.

Start a online business, grow it on a large scale, make the profit, and try to build your own Empire.

When this idea comes in mind to start a online business many of the people think that they need 10 to 20 lacs to start a online business but guys it’s not like that even if you don’t have any money you can start a online business.

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we have some great ideas for you that you can start a online business and you can make a big profit and you can build your Empires too.


Start a online Business in Dropshipping: There are very few people who do dropshipping business so there is less competition in this field and you can grow your dropshipping business on a large scale.

what is Dropshipping?

Buy or add products from any E-commerce website or any offline Store and sell that same product on your website by applying some margin (margin means your profit).

The perfect example for dropshipping is the sellers on Amazon who sells the product on Amazon are doing dropshipping. Now you will say how?

Amazon is not a manufacturer. They have just built a platform where the number of people from different countries can sale their products.

In a similar way, you can be a seller but not on Amazon, You create your own platform and you can start dropshipping from that platform.

You can be a seller on Amazon too that’s even a dropshipping but you can build your own platform and you can start your dropshipping business from scratch.

Steps for doing Dropshipping?

  1. Create your e-commerce Store on WordPress.
  2. Find some E-commerce website or offline Store from which you can buy products for your online store.
  3. Add same product on your website. Make sure you don’t add that product by putting the same price.
  4. . Add your profit on that product (for example if the product price is Rs. 400 then add the same product on your website for Rs. 450 or 500) so you can make Rs. 50 – 100 profit from this product.
  5. If a person purchased that product from your website then you will get a notification on your email and on your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Now go to the same platform from which you purchased the product for your website.
  7. Now you have to order the same product for your customer.
  8. But make sure the address which you will put on the website it should not be yours. The address should be off your customer so the product will be shipped to the customer’s house, not in your house.
  9. The customer is satisfied, you make your profit and that’s it.

These were the steps to start a online business. Trust me guys it’s to start a online business of dropshipping is very easy you have just add a product from different websites to your website by adding some extra margin, you make a sale from your website and you make the profit, isn’t it simple?

Affiliate Marketing.

To start a online business in Affiliate marketing is similar as a Dropshipping the difference is, in dropshipping, you can set your own profit but in affiliate marketing the fixed number of commission you get by the company of which you have joined the affiliate program.

In affiliate marketing, you have to join the affiliate program of the company and you have to advertise their products. Once someone purchased the product from your link which you have been advertised then you will get a commission by the company.

Some of the famous affiliate programs from which you can start a online business are Amazon, eBay, click bank, and many more that you can join and you can start a online business and make the Commission.

Steps to do affiliate Marketing.

  1. Join our affiliate program of various companies such as Amazon. Flipkart, click bank, eBay etc.
  2. Select one profitable niche.
  3. Open your own eCommerce Store.
  4. Start advertising those products on your Store.
  5. Follow the guidelines of the affiliate program because the different company has different guidelines so move according to those guidelines.
  6. Start researching low competition keywords for your affiliate.
  7. Do proper SEO and get a higher rank in Google.
  8. Once you start ranking on Google yours sales will be automated. People will come to your website and I will start purchasing products.
  9. Once you sold the products you will get a fixed number of commission by the company.
  10. And you can build this business on a large scale.

These were the steps to start a online business in Affiliate Marketing


To start a online business in Blogging is one of the best sources that you can start with very low investment. You have to just invest in a domain and a good hosting plan that’s it. You don’t need to invest somewhere else. When you start a online business as blogging you need the right information about that particular niche on which you are going to start a online business. Because if you don’t have any topics in your mind then you will not be able to write content.

If you think to start a online business as blogging you should start in the right way. You need to know everything about blogging from starting to end such as keyword researching, Search Engine Optimisation, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and backlinks.

Now Reading the above paragraph you might be thinking blogging is very difficult and you will say we don’t know what is Search Engine Optimisation what is keyword research. Don’t take tension you will find each and every information in a website just go and visit those articles.

Steps to do blogging.

  1. You can do it on blogger as well as on WordPress but my recommendation is WordPress.
  2. WordPress is more customisable and easier to start with.
  3. Select a niche in which you are interested in example Technology, cooking, fashion, travel and many more that you can select.
  4. Start to research for low competition keywords with high volume.
  5. Start writing articles on low competition keywords.
  6. Make proper on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO.
  7. Once you have done everything perfectly your post will start ranking on google.
  8. Once you have 20 – 30 post on your website add your website on AdSense approval and start showing ads on your website.
  9. When you have high traffic on your website and when some visitors Clicks on you as you will get money which is known as CPC (cost per click).


Start a online business in Ecommerce Whether you have offline shop or not eCommerce is the best business that you can do in 2020. Start selling your own products on the internet to make traffic get sales done to generate extra income.

When you actually start this business you will be very small in this business so you may don’t have your own production house that’s ok. Once you will grow in this business, once your business is on a large scale you can build your own production house.

In this business, you will need a domain and hosting install WordPress on your hosting make an eCommerce website. Get the perfect look for your website so there will be more user engagement. Your website should not be ugly.

And especially in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and in the dropshipping type of business your design and look of your website matters a lot. Because if the user didn’t like the look of your website there are more chances that he would not buy any product from your website.

Steps to start eCommerce Store.

  1. Get a domain and hosting plan.
  2. Install WordPress on your hosting.
  3. Install theme for your eCommerce Store.
  4. Install plugins which you need for creating an eCommerce website.
  5. Design your E-Commerce Store.
  6. Start adding your products.
  7. Do proper on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
  8. Get a higher rank in Google.
  9. Generate extra income.Generate extra income.


Start a online business on YouTube is the best way for earning money by making videos. Yes, you heard that right. Make videos, monetize your channel by Google AdSense, and start earning.

Now you think how can we get paid just by making videos? Let me tell you one thing Whenever you watch a YouTube video you will see ads before the video starts. Whenever you watch the add the owner of that YouTube channel get paid for that.

In a similar way, you can start your own YouTube channel, start making videos. And before you start making videos read the guidelines of YouTube. In 2012-13 the scenario of YouTube was completely different have you uploaded a video on youtube from next day ads was getting displayed on your video but today the scenario is completely different due to heavy traffic on YouTube.

Thay has completely changed their algorithms now you have to complete the task which they gave you as soon as you completed the task you channel will go in under review and once your channel gets reviewed by the YouTube then and then only ads are getting displayed. Making a video for YouTube is not an easy task. Need to do hard work.

Now many of the people that think we will need a DSLR camera, laptop a chair a table and a separate room for making YouTube videos as they have watched the big YouTubers video so that think.

But if you have a smartphone that’s enough to make videos for YouTube channel and many of these people are doing, in the same way, they are recording the videos from the smartphone not from the DSLR camera so if you don’t have a budget to buy a DSLR camera a laptop then you can start a YouTube channel from your smartphone once you grow in your YouTube career you can buy best DSLR phone best laptop for video editing but till that time you can work with your phone.

Steps to get started with YouTube?

  1. You should have a Gmail.
  2. Go to YouTube app.
  3. On the right side you will see the option create a channel.
  4. Provide name to your channel and all the information which it will ask you.
  5. After doing this all about steps now you are successfully created a channel on YouTube.
  6. Go to the settings and do all the basic settings such as uploading a logo aur an image to your channel.
  7. Start uploading videos on your channel.
  8. Get monetized by Google AdSense and start your earning on YouTube.

How to monetize YouTube channel?

As I said in 2012-13 it was a bit easy to monetize your channel but now you have to complete a task given by the YouTube. YouTube is also a good source to start a online business.

The task is that you should complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time once you completed this task your channel will be in under review now YouTube will review your channel and wonderful it’s good to monetize there will monetize your Channel and they will start showing ads on your YouTube videos.

How do I start an online business?

As above I will mention some best online business that you can do in 2020. You can do any of this business. You can do it all together too.

  1. Dropshipping.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Ecommerce.
  4. Youtube.

These are some of the online businesses that you can start doing and you do it on large scale.

What kind of online business is the most profitable?

All of the above business which I have mentioned are the most profitable online business in this digital world and you can start doing it in 2020 and in upcoming years.

Do online business work?

I will not say this business will grow rapidly you need to do some hard work and you will need some patience. You will start a online business today and you will think tomorrow you will be a big businessman remove this thinking from your mind once you start the business you need to work on it. You need to do less hard work but you should do more smart work.