Saint Thomas Public School Khadaki: Campus, Events.

Saint Thomas Public School

Saint Thomas Public School is a convent English school situated on Swastik Road near Khadaki Railway Station. Saint Thomas Public School is famous for its discipline. A church is situated near to the school premises.

Saint Thomas Public School was founded by Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilus in 1989. He was post-graduate from Harvard University in the US.

As said earlier, Saint Thomas Public School students must have to follow strict guidelines issued by the school authorities. But every student follows school disciplines and guidelines. Discipline is imparted in children so that in near future, discipline becomes their habit.

Saint Thomas Public School and All Saints High School Khadki are the two best schools in the whole Khadaki region. One can say that there is healthy competition between the two schools. Both schools have many similar features. Both schools are convent English medium schools.

Saint Thomas Public School Campus.

The school is situated near Khadaki Railway Station. The campus consists of a school ground and a green cage. The campus is surrounded by numerous trees. These trees help to keep campus fresh and minimize pollution coming from nearby road regions.

The school building is a Three-floor building. In Green Cage, students eat their food.
The School campus is clean. Students are asked not to throw garbage in the dustbin and maintain cleanliness.

Saint Thomas Public School Academics.

This School follows the Maharashtra State Board Pattern(SSC). School is secondary school consisting of classes from 1 and up to 10th grade. Marathi is added in the curriculum in class 1 while Hindi is added in class 3.

Extra Curricular Activities at Saint Thomas Public School.

Science Quiz Competition.

School Authorities organize this event for science enthusiasts. They also make sure that more and more participation is there every year. Students participate in small groups called houses ie. Yellow House, Green House, Red House, and Blue House.

MAD AD Competition.

This competition is arranged to give a platform for students to perform drama acts.

Festivals at Saint Thomas Public School.

Annual Day.

Annual Day is celebrated in the month of February or March. School authorities put some theme each year on school annual day. School gives the best student of the year award on this occasion. Schools also felicitate students who have made their school and country proud. The school invites special guests on this occasion.

Christmas Day.

Christmas is celebrated with great joy in the school. On this occasion, students perform various plays in honor of Jesus Christ. Small children participate in the Christmas tree drawing competition.


The School celebrates all kinds of festivals in India. The school organizes Diya making competitions, etc. Students also perform the dance on this occasion. The school Administrator give a speech on this special occasion.

Children’s Day.

On this occasion, small children participate in fancy dress competitions and wear clothes that give a message. Folk dance is performed by the students.

Annual Sports Day.

The school organizes an annual sports day in the month of December. Children participate in various sports organized by School Authorities. Awards are given to those who have managed to win the competition. The school organizes many sports such as karate, Running Race, etc.


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