Modern College(Nigdi): full details of science and commerce.

Modern College complete knowledge

Progressive Education Society(PES) Modern College, Nigdi is famous for pharmacy College. But not only the Pharmacy course is available but BCom, BCA, etc are also available in college.

Apart from Senior College, Junior College and Secondary School is also available on the campus. Junior College has two streams ie. Science and Commerce.

College is situated in the Yamunanagar region of Nigdi. College is located in a silent residential region. Unwanted sounds do not come from the outside residential area. Hence it enhances teaching and learning experience.

Modern College Campus consists of Science and Commerce Junior College, Secondary School up to 10th grade, Pharmacy College, Bcom, and BCA Collge. The campus contains some open space in the middle of the campus.

In this open space, various programs are organized. Programs like Independence Day Celebration, Fun Fair, Farewell program, etc. Students also play football in this open space. In this space, small age students are seen most of the time.

The campus has a cement stage where dignitaries can sit. This stage is surrounded by iron surroundings, so no one can go on to the stage. Volleyball markings are also drawn in this open space. Apart from this, kho kho poles are also present in this area.

Modern College Campus :

Science Junior College is located on the extreme right side of the Campus. Science stream three-floor building consists of Chemistry Practical Lab on the ground level, IT lab on the first floor, Biology lab on the second floor, Computer Science Lab on the third floor. Classes are also present on each floor. The physics lab is present on the top floor of the Commerce building.

The campus of Modern College consists of all diverse courses. Commerce building is attached to school which is till 10th grade. Commerce building is a five-floored building. 11th and 12th commerce classes are taken in the same building. Each grade has two divisions. On the left side of the Commerce Building, BCom building is situated.

Admission Process :

Admission Process in Modern College is simple. If college is allotted to you in online rounds, then you have to go to college and simply take admission. College Authorities confirm your admission by confirming it online. After this one has to fill college forms.

Science stream in Modern College :

Subject Structure :

After filling admission forms, one has to choose between PCM or PCB or PCMB Subjects. If a student chooses PCM or PCB group he/she must compulsorily take Geography Subject. English and Environmental Studies(EVS) are compulsory subjects.

In total, there are eight subjects. Remaining one subject is either language Subject(Hindi or Marathi or German) or Information Technology(IT). Physical Training(PT) subject is also a compulsory subject but it is evaluated on grades.

If a student wants to choose a computer science subject then he will not be able to take Biology subject. Fees are separately paid for IT and Computer Science subjects.

College fees are directly paid in banks instead of College. With the help of College Challan provided by College, students can easily pay fees in the bank.

Science College life in Modern College :

On the very first day of College, all new students are gathered in one place and are given lectures about discipline to be followed by students. Sweet items are distributed among students fo their new beginning in the Modern College.
Classes have wooden benches. Due to which students do not feel uncomfortable.

Students are allotted with their divisions and Class Teacher. The class teacher introduces him/her to class. The time table is given by the class teacher. From the next day, the time table is to be followed by students.

Students are always more excited about PT lectures than other lectures. PT teacher sometimes provides football to boys and handballs to girls. Sometimes Common PT is taken by PT teacher.

In Biology Practicals, students get a chance to various microorganisms like an amoeba, yeast, etc. Reproduction exhibited by these microorganisms can also be observed through a microscope. In computer practicals, students learn various new topics that may help in the future.

Apart from studies, traditional day, funfair are enjoyed by students. The traditional day was full of joy and happiness. On this day, students witness the cultural diversity of India. College authorities also give prizes to well-dressed students.

On the day of the funfair, students in collaboration with teachers arrange various food and game stalls. Playing these games with friends is such a joyful experience. Students along with teachers dance on the different songs.

Commerce stream in Modern College :

Subject structure :

Students have to choose wisely their subjects according to their choices. One has to take five compulsory subjects which are as follows: Financial Accounting, Economics, Organisational Skills and Management, Environmental Studies, and English. The optional subjects are Secretarial Practice and Maths.

From these two subjects, students have to choose one subject. Another subject is language subjects such as Germany or Hindi or Marathi or Information Technology. In EVS subject, evaluation is done based on Projects and assignments. Sometimes, the project is to clean the whole college campus. some projects are to do a case study about a particular topic.

Commerce college life in Modern College :

Commerce college life is enjoyable. We get basic and complete knowledge of commerce faculty. Students get a chance to do various theories and practicals in college. This helps the students to gain deep knowledge about the subject.
The timing of the college for commerce students is 7:15 am to 11:30 am, and recess is between 9:15 am to 9:30 am.

Modern College Teachers and staff :

The teachers are very friendly with students and with parents which helps to develop a great bonding between parents and students as well as with teachers for student development. The college staff is environment friendly. They encourage students to maintain cleanliness in the college campus.

Parking facility :

Two parking zones are reserved for students and staff. The main is situated in front of the main gate of the college and the other is situated in the backside region of the campus. No parking cost is charged to students and teachers.

Modern College cafeteria :

College cafeteria space between the pharmacy building and BCom building, the cafeteria space is comfortable for students and for staffs, there are various snacks and soft drinks available for all us like vada pav, south Indian dishes, idli sambar, tea, coffee and other things.


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