How to Develop 2D, 3D Game Using Game Engines in 2020

Develop a game using Game Engines

Using Game Engines you can easily develop a game. Do you know how powerful do gaming engines are? and What type of games are made in it?

What is a Game Engine?

A game engine is a platform where you can easily create or develop a game using Tools provided in the Game Engines. Game Engines include rendering for 2D and 3D games. The developer also called this a Game Architecture, and using game engines is very easy just the thing is you should know the basic knowledge and if you don’t have knowledge then Middleera is always in your help.

Why use Game Engines?

Game Engines provides you a visual development tool and that helps you to create a game, and it also provides an Integrated Development Environment. Game Engines Provide all core Functionality.

Type of Game Engines.

  1. Unreal gaming engine
  2. Unity engine
  3. Godot
  4. and more

Which Type Of Games does Game Engines Support?

  1. Windows
  2. PS4
  3. Xbox
  4. Mac OS
  5. Android
  6. And all other Operating Systems.

Which Mode does all Game Engines Support?

These engines support all types of platforms. They are made in a way, that a beginner gets adapted to it’s surrounding easily so, that one can use these engines & get started with their development. As I said in my last post.

Read Our Last Post (If you are a Beginner) – Game Development Making Use of Logic Implementation and Gaming Engines.

They contains,

  1. 2D mode
  2. 3D mode
  3. Scripting mode

What is done in 2D mode using Game Engine?

This mode support or helps the developer to make or develop a 2D game.

   The games like,

  1. Super Mario
  2. Pacman
  3. Snake
  4. And all other 2D games

These games can be easily recreated in these engines. As there were no gaming engines when all these games were developed or made. But now these games can be made easily. You just need to design a proper frame or layout for a game and you can easily create a game.

What is done in 3D mode using Game Engine?

This mode can be called the most hardest mode to design a game or develop it. The games like,

  1. PUBG
  2. GTA
  3. Call of duty
  4. and all 3D types of games.

These games are a kind of most complex game. This makes 3D games more complicated to be made. These games have more light adjustment ratios which makes a 2D game to a 3D game. The light ratio is not just a ratio, but a proper effect of light on the character or an object in the game. 3D games are not directly made in 3 dimensions. They are actually a complex set of 2D frames or layouts or shades that makes a 3-dimensional game.

What is done in Scripting mode using a Game Engine?

This mode can also be called the root of an engine, which actually makes a game work. As we discussed earlier, 2D and 3D games are made from different sets of 2-dimensional frames.

But if there is no scripting mode to script or code all the actions, reactions will not work or say they won’t occur. Scripting mode is a platform in-game engine, which helps every frame or layout of a game to work. This makes every object or component or element to work or coordinate in a proper sequence or in proper order in a frame of a scene of the game.

     This mode supports different computer languages for different engines or can also support all at a time. For example,

  1. The Unreal game engine mainly uses C++ for scripting.
  2. The unity game engine mainly uses C# (C sharp) for scripting.
  3. Even Java, javascript, python, etc. are also used.

What kind of Resources or Options or Editing tools do we get in the gaming engine?

You can have any kind of resource pack in the gaming engine. Like,

  1. Characters pack
  2. Designers pack
  3. Objects pack
  4. Trees pack
  5. Weapons pack(for different games)
  6. Accessories pack
  7. Vehicles pack 
  8. and many more.

  You can also get any kind of tool in the gaming engine. Like,

  1. Editing tool
  2. Resizer tool
  3. Animation tool
  4. Camera adjusting tool
  5. and many others

You would have understood until now, the use of the gaming engine or its importance in game development. The best way to start with making or developing games is, starting with a Gaming Engine. All the components discussed in the above paragraphs are the basics that should be known by a beginner or by one who is planning or has planned to become a Game Developer.


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