NEET Exam 2020: How to crack Exam in first attempt(Solution)

how to crack neet exam 2020

What NEET Exam means?

(NEET Exam 2020) National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a national level entrance exam to pursue the medical profession. This exam is conducted by the Human Resource and Development Ministry (HRD Ministry) and regulated by the National Testing Agency (NTA). These exams are scheduled in the month of May every year.

NEET exam papers have a total weightage of 720 marks. Physics and Chemistry contribute 180 marks each. Biology contributes 360 marks out of 720 marks. Biology plays an important role in qualifying NEET exams. The exam is taken on pen-paper(offline) method.

What is use of NEET Exam?

It is entrance test for students who want to pursue MBBS or BDS Degree in near future.

Students can get these seats easily without any donation after giving this Exam. Students should try to get into government medical colleges to reduce the burden of fees. Fees in private Institutions are on the highest level, still, it is increasing. Donation for MBBS seats are lakhs in rupees. With the help of this exam, such a situation can be prevented and the burden on parents is highly reduced.

Can a person crack NEET Exam in one month?

No, it is very hard to clear entrance exams by studying only in the last few months. NEET is one of the elite exams to get into MBBS. Such elite exams require lots of hard work, patience, and a relaxed and motivated mind.

Let us describe it in a practical way. NEET syllabus consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. To learn whole Physics, Chemistry, and whole biology only in the last month before exams are impractical. One can revise it last month but starting the syllabus last month is just like mugging up the things and ending up with not so good results.

NEET Exam 2020 Paper Pattern :

A total of 180 questions are asked in the Exam. As mentioned earlier, Physics and Chemistry papers are of 180 marks each. While the Biology section contributes 360 marks.

Each question contributes 4 marks.( -1) is given for negative marking.

45 questions are asked in Physics and Chemistry papers each while 90 questions are asked in a Biology paper.

How to crack NEET Exam 2020?

Student always asks how to crack NEET Exam? But It is not the last moment strategy but a year-long disciplined study strategy. All of you would likely look for study strategies and books to crack NEET exams. Let us describe one of them:

How to crack NEET Exam 2020? you need to study hard. And the best way to crack NEET Exam 2020 is to solve the last 10 Years NEET Exam Papers So that you will get a complete idea of what NEET Exam 2020 is all about?

Subject and how to crack them in NEET Exam 2020.


For scoring good in Physics, Arihant Physics or Errorless Physics one should solve. Solving NCERT problems adds flavor to it. This enhances student’s capability of solving problems in lesser time. At least one MCQ book should be solved by students in the case the above books are inaccessible.


Chemistry consists of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry alone requires lots of attention.

Inorganic Chemistry is one of the hardest topics to cover. It involves a large number of exceptions and inorganic compounds.

Organic Chemistry is easy as compared to inorganic chemistry. Organic chemistry follows certain patterns due to which it is easy to learn.

Physical chemistry consists of thermodynamics, equilibrium, and chemistry of solid etc

books for studying Chemistry are RK Gupta Chemistry and NCERT Chemistry. NCERT Chemistry is an important one. NCERT concepts are mostly asked in exams.


As biology contributes 50% marks in exams, biology requires more attention compared to Physics and Chemistry.

Cengage Objective Biology, NCERT 11th and 12th Biology, MTG NCERT at your fingertips are some of the best books for studying biology. It is seen that 70%-80% of questions are asked from NCERT Biology books every year.

Biology requires more theoretical knowledge. Learning all these books increases chances to score good in exams.

Students should be in constant touch with biology. Human mind easily forgets theoretical things. But disciplined study helps to retain theoretical knowledge.

All the books mentioned above should be solved by all aspiring medical students.

Once all books are solved, students are required to solve previous year question papers. After successfully solving all the things mentioned here, students should give mock tests as per NEET pattern.

How much score is good to get MBBS Seat?

It totally depends on colleges. Some of the best colleges set their cut off at least 600 marks. It also depends on the category of students. For Category students cut off is set few marks lower than open category.

Some colleges have 200,300 or 400 marks as the cutoff. Cutoffs of various colleges can be observed from their respective official sites.

Has anyone got 720 marks in NEET?

Till date No one. In 2019 NEET, Topper scored 701 marks out 720 marks which is still highest to date. It’s hard to get out of marks in exam. To get 180 answers correct in 3 hours time is the hardest thing to do so.

Few Guidelines for NEET students for NEET Exam 2020.

  1. Don’t wear full sleeve shirts on exam day.
  2. Wear Simple T-shirts on exam day.
  3. Don’t wear complex dresses on exam day.
  4. Wear simple and normal pants, not jeans.
  5. Don’t wear shoes.
  6. Wear simple Chappals or sandals.
  7. Avoid wearing jewelry on exam day.
  8. Avoid the use of fancy accessories on exam day.
  9. Don’t carry electronics material inside the hall.
  10. Don’t carry a pen or any writing material as it is provided during exams.
  11. Don’t forget to bring a hall ticket with a photo attached to it.
  12. Carry 2-3 photographs of yours to make sure you do not rush in the last hours.

Photographs are needed during exam hours for attendance purposes.


For more guidelines, click on the link below: (officially website)