How to be a Web Developer in 2021 + Projects| Complete Road Map | Which language should a web developer learn in 2021

Be a Full Stack Web Developer in 2021, Which languages should you learn to be a FrontEnd and Backend Development, Complete Road Map + Projects Ideas.

be a Web Developer in 2021 + Projects| Complete Road Map

Here is the complete road map to become a web developer in 2021 and in upcoming years.

What is Web Development?

Web development is a domain where a developer can create websites using technologies(Programming languages), The whole web Development is divided into main 3 parts.
1. Front-End.
2. Back-End.
3. Deploying.
Let’s check it one by one…

How to be a Front End web developer in 2021?

Let’s first understand what a Front End Web Developer does. So `Front End` the name itself describes the front components of the websites. Let’s understand it deeply, If you visited any of the websites, let’s take the example of, Now you are reading this post, so you can call this as a front end, FrontEnd is not only this page But whichever pages that you can visit of the website is known as FrontEnd.

How to Build Front End?

So to build front end you should know 3 languages and any one of the library…


  1. HTML (HyperText Markup Language).
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).
  3. JavaScript.


  • React JS.
  • Angular.
  • Vue.

These are the top 3 Libraries of JavaScript

HTML – Basic FrontEnd language:

HTML is a very Important language in Web Development, Many new developers think that HTML is a Programming language but it is Markup Language. Basically, it is used to structure the website. Without HTML you cannot create any Website and there is no other alternative language for HTML, So you need to learn HTML if you want to be a Web Developer.

Code Editor – VS Code

CSS – Website Designing Language:

Full form CSS is Cascading Style Sheet, this is also a Markup Language and used to design the websites. By making use of CSS Developers can Design the whole website. learning CSS is very easy the maximum time you should take to learn CSS is 1 Month.

Code Editor – VS code

JavaScript – Main Language in Frontend:

JavaScript is the Client-side as well as Server-Side Language. The use of JavaScript in the websites is to make the website Functional and to get best UX(User Experience), JavaScript is not an Markup language, it is the Programming language. It is also use to build logic in websites. Without JavaScript you cannot make any websites.

JavaScript have many Libraries the top 3 Libraries are React JS, Angular, Vue, but the most famous is React JS. You have to learn any one of this Libraries to make your website more functional.

We recommend to learn React JS for your website, react JS is very easy to learn. and the benefits of React JS are:

  1. It can change Data and information present on your website without Reloading the Website.
  2. React is to very fast, scalable, and simple.
Code Editor – VS code

Projects For ForntEnd Developer:

After learning any language you should do some projects for the practice, so here are some projects that you should do after completing the Frontend languages:

  1. To-Do List (Beginner).
  2. Landing Page (Beginner).
  3. Login and Register Form (Beginner).
  4. Uber Frontend Clone (Advance).
  5. Amazon Frontend Clone (Advance).

Note – Coding is like Mathematics, the more you practice, The better code you can write.

How to be a Back End web developer?

So first let’s Understand what is Backend. You can say that backend is the brain of the websites, You can manage the whole website from the backend, so every website is incomplete without a backend, so for example you want to create a news website so from where will you upload the news?

You cannot always write an article in HTML and in CSS rather than you need some technique to upload articles without coding, so if you have a backend then you can add one section called `News` or it depends on you what to call it, so from there you can write an article, add some images and you can upload it from there. If you have used WordPress then you might be knowing what I want to say.

let’s take another example If you want to create an Ecommerce so from where you can add the Products? You can add it from the Backend and also you can manage the payments and Orders and everything that your website has.

This was the brief introduction/information about Backend, Now let’s see how to create a Backend.

How to create a Backend for websites:

To create Backend there are multiply choices of languages, But don’t worry you have to learn only one Language 😅. There are top 4 languages for Backend lets see one by one:

  • JavaScript – NodeJS + Express.
  • Python – Django or Flask.
  • Java – Spring.
  • PHP – Laravel.

These are the backend languages and their Frameworks/Libraries that can develop a Backend, But don’t worry it is not necessary to learn all the languages. You have to learn any one of them. the recommend Language for Backend is NodeJS or Flask.

NodeJS and Flask are new in the market so companies need these developers. As if we compare PHP with these languages then PHP is also the best and easy language but it is old technology in the market, there are many expert developers for PHP so there are fewer jobs for PHP developers.

Projects For Backend Developer:

  1. Meme Maker (Beginner).
  2. Amazon Clone.
  3. Blog Website/News Website.

How to be a FullStack Developer:

FullStack developer is nothing but a person who knows FrontEnd + Backend means he can develop a complete Website, this knows as FullStack Developer. To be a FullStack Developer first you need to learn FrontEnd and then Backend.

What is Website Deploying:

Deploying a website is the final step after creating a Website (FrontEnd + Backend), Deploying means moving the website from the Localhost to the actual Server, IF your Website is on Localhost it means you are the only one who can visit the website, But after Deploying anyone can visit your website.

Average Package/Salary for a Web developer:

FRONTEND – On average, Front-end developer salary in India is around Rs. 5,33,000 per annum.
BACKEND – On average, the Back-end developer Salary in India is around Rs. 8,19,000 per annum.
FULLSTACK – On average, FullStack Web Developer salary in India is Rs. 12,00,000 per annum.

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