Full Set-Up: Google Adsense for website and for YouTube 2020

Google Adsense

Get a full idea of what Google AdSense is, why it is used for, and how you can earn from it. Google AdSense is one of the best and trusted way to make money online.

It is a product by Google, not any third party company, so you can trust it. Most of the companies I mean websites use AdSense to monetize their website.

While researching any of the topics on the internet you might have seen ads on the website now not only Google AdSense provides ads but there are many more companies that provide ads but most of the websites use Google AdSense ads.

If you visit news portals like NDTV, Times of India, Hindustan Times, and many more big websites they have also monetized websites using Google AdSense.
How to check that the ad displayed on that particular website is Google AdSense ad or any third party company ads?

Well, when you see ads on that website check the top right corner of that ad banner you will see I (i) icon and a cross(x) icon and if you hover on that I(i) icon you will see a text “ads by google” and the company which uses third-party ad providers in that ads you don’t see that text “ads by google”.

1. Websites and Youtube eligibility for Google AdSense.

A. Unique Content

Make sure that you provide 100% original content and if your content is copied from any else website then there is no point for Google to show your content on Google search engines and that is why it the most important eligibility criteria for getting approved by Google AdSense.

Some people do copy content from any website and they translate it and after translating it they check that content in plagiarism checkers and the plagiarism report shows that the content is unique and they think that the translated version is 100% unique but it is not.

Google is a thousand times smarter than you. We recommend that if you are writing your own content then you do not need to check it in any plagiarism checker.

Google says we will not show two same content on the search engine it means that if one content is already present on the search engine and if you copy the same content and if you publish it then Google will not show your content in search engine.

So there is no point to copy anyone’s article. So if you want Google AdSense approval then write your own content make sure your content is long, very easy to understand, and you provide quality content.

If you are writing content in regional language make sure that that language is supported by Google AdSense. There should not be any grammatical mistakes in your content.

To check which language do Google Adsense support then click here.

B. Interesting Content

your content should be interesting for your visitors. provide high-quality content so that if any visitor comes to your website he should stay longer as possible as on your website or he should stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes so that you will have low Bounce rate and if you have low Bounce rate their high chances to rank your article in Google. The lower the bounce rate, the better for ranking. Creating interesting content you need to follow some steps.

1. Titles –

Write your title the best way you can. Because in search engine people will see your title first. Your title should be interesting and your visitor should click on the title. But remember that it should not be forceful Do not force the visitor to click on your title by adding words like “you will get 1 lakh per month” or adding such type of words which is not relatable with your content.

It should not be clickbait. Clickbait means expressing title in a different way and you are writing your content in a different way means there is no relation of title with your content. Make sure that your title should make some sense with your content.

2. Meta description-

Meta description means the description which is below your title. The visitor will see the title first and a second thing which he is going to see is your meta description so make sure to write a good meta description.

In Describe you have to describe what you are writing in that article in 160 letters. Now your meta description should not be above 160 letters and it should be less than 910 pixels.

3. Image-

Images play an important role in your website as well as for your YouTube video. If you want more views on your YouTube videos then you should have the best and very attractive image which is known as the thumbnail on YouTube.

Now again it should not be clickbait it means that there is something different on the image and there is something different content in your video so make sure that your thumbnail should be relatable with your video.

There are some eligibility criteria that you have to follow to monetize your website with Google AdSense. Many of the website creators they just create a normal website they add 10 to 15 articles and they apply for AdSense but they don’t get approval, So why this thing happens?

Creating a website and adding 10 to 15 normal articles doesn’t mean that you will get approval, but you need to follow their guidelines and if they found that you are not following the guidelines of Google AdSense then they will reject your application.

2. When you should apply for AdSense?

  1. For Website – You have to apply for Google AdSense but when to apply? I will provide you a checklist if you have done everything properly that I have provided in the checklist. Then there are more chances to get approval.
    • Unique content.
    • Title and URL should not be common.
    • At least each 600 words article.
    • At least one image.
    • No Grammar mistakes.
    • At least 20 articles.
  2. For Youtube – You have to complete certain criteria as provided by YouTube 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Some extra things that you have to keep in mind are.
    • Creating your own content/Video.
    • Background music should be no copyrighted music, Then do not add background music.
    • If you are recording screen video then add your sound and show your face in that. (For Example, if you see any tutorial videos)
    • The sound should be yours, It should not be a bot sound or else your application will get rejected.
    • Do not copy any video of another creator not even a 5-second video.

3. Do you need traffic on your website and on YouTube channel for getting approved?

  • For Website- For getting approved you do not need any type of traffic on your website but try to get more traffic on your website because if you have a website and you have Google AdSense approved but there is no traffic on your website then there is no sense that you will earn from it because without traffic you won’t get any rupees from it. But if you want to earn from AdSense you need at least 1000 visitors per day and it is not too big traffic for your website. I have said just a minimum number of traffic.
  • For YouTube- And for YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours so at the time when you have reached 1000 subscribers then you have a good number of traffic on your videos.

4. Important AdSense policies that you should follow.

Every company has its own policies similarly AdSense too have their own policies and you should follow it. If you go against that policy then you will not get approved by the company Google AdSense and if you have already taken approval then your AdSense can get disable so make sure to follow all the policies. I will not provide you all Policies but we will tell you the most important policies that you should follow.

A. Adult Content-

On your website there should not be any adult content. If you have a website having adult content then AdSense will not give you approval + your domain can get penalized by Google. So make sure that do not add such type of content.

Google always loves to work with websites which is family-friendly. If you’re working on such a site do not take approval by Google because they will not approve your website.

But you can use any third-party ad company which is ready to approve your site and there are many more such types of Companies where you can apply for your site. But we will recommend not to create such type of sites.

B. Linking with adult content.

Do not Link your content with any adult sites content or not to promote adult site content on your website, in this case, you will not only lose your AdSense approval account but you can also lose your website so do not Link your content to other sites and do not promote their content on your website.

C. Own Content.

Your content should be only yours, not to copy it from any other website. The copyright of your content should be yours. Try to write your own content so that it complies with Google AdSense policies and you will get AdSense approved.

D. Alcohol, illegal drugs and such contents.

Your content should not be related to alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco. These things are illegal so make sure not to mention this type of things in your content.

And you should not also link their content to your content. And also not to link your content with their content. Also not to promote their products on your website or else you won’t get Google AdSense approved and if you AdSense approve it might get disabled.

E. Downloading crack files.

As we all know crack files to download is sort of illegal thing, so not to provide this type of files in your website. or else you won’t get your AdSense approved. Also not to promote any website that is allowing to download such files.

F. Hacking Material.

Not provide any hack or not to teach any hacking material on your website. Make sure that you provide the content that is very normal content, not any downloading material as well as not any hacking material for your visitors. As in this case, your website would not get approved, and also your domain/website can get panelize.

G. Mandatory pages.

There should be some pages that are compulsory to add to your website for getting Google AdSense approved.

  • About Us- In this page write all information related to you if you are working in an organization then write all information related to your organization, for example, why did you start this business, when did you start it, what exact thing you are going to do in this business, and many more things related to you or your organization so that AdSense gets and clear idea that what is your website for. Add your image or if you are working in an organization or with a team then add an image of your team. Adding images is not compulsory but if you want to you can add if you don’t want then don’t add it.
  • Contact Us- On this page, you have to give your contact details to your visitors so that they can easily communicate with you and this is also a mandatory/compulsory page for getting Google AdSense approved. Some people don’t want to share their phone number no worries don’t share your phone number share your email address so that if the visitor wants to contact you he can mail you on that email. Or if you having any office give the address of that office so that if your visitor or your customer wants to visit your office he can easily visit your office.
  • Privacy Policy- This page is a very much important page on your website for getting your AdSense approved if you don’t have this page then you are website is not going to approve. Make sure that you should add this page to your website. But what to display on this page? You have to be very clear with the privacy policy of your websites, mention all the privacy policy of your website some topics we have displayed below that you have to add in your privacy policy.
1. When do you collect information?
2. How you use your visitor's information?
3. Do you use cookies?
4. Third party disclosure.
5. Third party links.
6. Google.
7. Opting out.
8. COPPA (children online privacy Protection Act) VERY MUCH IMPORTANT.
9. Fair information practices.

Now here we just have you provided topics that you should include in your privacy policy but from where you will get the detailed information on each topic?

No worries click on this link you will go to the privacy policy page of our website copy whole text which is present on that page and just replace our website’s information with your information.

And similarly, you can do the same things with more pages like Terms and Condition page and with Disclaimer page.

Create your pages and copy the information from these pages mentioned below just replace our information with your information.

5. How to set up AdSense for blogger and WordPress (step by step).

So how to set up AdSense for blogger and WordPress and how to apply for AdSense this is the important thing you need to know because if you do any mistake your AdSense application can get rejected.

Google Adsense form 1
Adsense Form 1

So once you follow each and every guideline of Google AdSense then you are ready to apply for it.

Step 1

Go to AdSense’s website and go to the signup page on that page you will see this form mention below. You will see the same form.

So basically you need to fill some information related to your website.
In the

Step 2

in the 1st block, you have to give your website domain name. Give the website to which you need to be approved Google AdSense account so that they can visit that website for review.

Step 3

In the 2nd Block provide your email ID now. You have to take care of that in your whole life you get only one AdSense account so remember the email which you providing for Google AdSense and if they found that you are having two emails that are connected to AdSense then your both emails are going to be suspended.

Step 4

The 3rd block depends on you if you want performance suggestion from AdSense then tick on YES and if you don’t need then tick NO.

Step 5

And then click on save and continue.

Step 6

On the next page, the Google AdSense will provide you a verification code so you have to copy that code and paste it in between <head> paste that code here </head>. If you don’t understand this then follow the image given below.

Google Adsense form 2
Adsense form 2

6. How to setup AdSense for YouTube?

It is quite simple to set up and apply for Google AdSense for YouTube because on YouTube you do not need to submit applications such as we do for websites. Once you complete your 1000 subscribers and once you complete 4000 watch hours than in the setting you will see monetization option just click on that and your application will be automatically sent to AdSense.

Once they review your YouTube channel and once they found that your youtube channel is following each and every guideline then they will approve your Google AdSense account and your YouTube channel and you can start earning from your YouTube channel. So it is very simple to set up Google AdSense for YouTube as a comparative of website.



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