Game Development Making Use of Logic Implementation and Gaming Engines.

Development Making Use of Logic Implementation and Gaming Engines

As you play different games, don’t you ever tried to find out how are they made or developed?

What is Game Development?

It’s mainly making a game with imagination, it’s also an art which involves creativity, logic, design, and many more. Game development is all about logic development. If you have the specific logic to apply, you can make any kind of game or say you can develop it.

Basic Requirements for Game Development.

  1. Implementation of proper logic.
  2. Specific idea or design of implementation.
  3. Basics of coding languages.

As these are the most important things that one should know before starting to develop a game.

Languages required In Game Development.

Here is a list of basic language required to develop a Game.

  1. C/C++ – Learn It.
  2. C# (C sharp) – Learn It.
  3. Java – Learn It.
  4. Python – Learn It.
  5. Javascript – Learn It.

Types of Games that you can Develop.

Mainly there are just 2 type,

  1. 2D games
  2. 3D games

They do have sub-types, we will be discussing it in upcoming Article.

How to get started for Developing a Game?

One can start implementing their idea with some basic codings, Like: Making a simple number game, means to find prime numbers from a given set of numbers. (using C,C++ or Python) It will just require some loops and if-else statements and boom you created a game.

The meaning of logic implementation in Game Development.

While playing different games we experience things like, we never walk on water …that’s logical we never do walk on water. And when someone uses parts of water and land to make a game scene, he/she should make that player character walk on land and swim in the water. It will actually look odd when the player character walks on water and swims on land.

Making of a game

You can make a game with a group so that everyone works and try their best in a different branch. Or One can make a game individually. First of all, make a concept about the game you want to make. (Let us take an example and try explaining it)

The game Must have a story.

(For example, Story of an worrier from  middle age) It must have a story explaining the worriers life. Like,

  • Who he was?
  • Who is he now?
  • Some events that changed his life…and many more.

What and how Gamers will see?

 Gamer will have a 3rd person perspective.

Designing the characters.

It’s on you, how you want your character to be, His skin colour, Cloths, Body.

What should be the world like?

As we said earlier, it’s a Middleera game so, try to make or design scenes that show the world in the way it was at that age.

Which Platform should I use to make a Game?

There are many gaming engines like,

  1. Unreal engine.
  2. Unity engine.
  3. Godot engine.
  4. Ogre engine.

These engines have scripting mode, 2D mode, and 3D mode. This engine gives a game developer an adaptive surrounding to design a game. The surrounding is so helpful and much more effect causing to the developer. That’s all guys, we will discuss more it later.

Stay Tuned For The Next Article, It’s Going to be the Next Steps and all about Gaming.



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