Formula to be a Commercial Pilot in India (full Knowledge)

commercial pilot

The commercial Pilot profession is one of the most premium professions to pursue. But it is also the hardest jobs to pursue the financial aspect of studies. Only a few people think of being a commercial pilot. Most of the students want to be a doctor, engineer. Also, most of the students choose a banking job, teaching job, etc.

Fees for studies is approximately 50 times the fees for the engineering of the open category students in India. It is around 50 lakhs to 1 crore in total. These figures may vary according to circumstances. It also depends on the Flying Schools and Airline Companies.

Nowadays many countries are developing artificial automatic drones which require no pilots at all. With the help of remote control, drones can be controlled. But this technology is available for drones yet. In future, we may witness automatic passengers aeroplanes. But this is the case of the future. But today, Pilot play a vital role in handling aeroplanes.

How to be a commercial pilot in India?

Let me explain all details that are experienced by me. These details may change with time circumstances.

I also want to be commercial Emirates Pilot. Hence I know all the basic details required to be a commercial pilot in India.

Admission Process

The basic eligibility for applying for pilot’s job is to pass 12th grade Science stream with minimum 50% marks. After qualifying these criteria, one needs to apply in Flying school. Some best and top Flying Schools are mentioned below.

1Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy.
2Chimes Aviation academy.
3CAE Oxford.
4GATI- Govt. Aviation Training Institute.
5Carver Aviation Academy.
6Orient Flight School.
7RG Aviation.
8Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics.
9Flytech aviation academy.
10AP Aviation academy.

At the time of admission, authorities may ask for a medical certificate. Some schools ask for the medical certificate which consists of two parts ie. First-class and Second Class tests. The first-class test is a normal checkup.

The second Class test is a strict medical checkup. After passing both the tests, the medical certificate is obtained. This certificate is used at the time of admission.

Licenses for Commercial Pilot.

After you join the flying school you have to take these Important licenses. Without these licenses, you cannot apply for Airline jobs.

Three licenses are –

  1. Student Pilot License (SPL).
  2. Private Pilot License (PPL).
  3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Commercial Pilot Fees Structure.

Fees for these licenses always get change and also depends on flying schools. but the approximately fees to hold these licenses are as mentioned below.

Cost for Student Pilot License (SPL) is approximately 2 – 5 lakhs then you need to apply for Private Pilot License (PPL).

Cost for Private Pilot License (PPL) is approximately 2 – 6 lakhs then you need to apply for Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

After you get Private Pilot License (PPL) you need to apply for the important license Commercial Pilot License (CPL). To get this license you need to do flying for 129 hours to complete the flying of 250 Hours. The cost of the Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

These figures may change due to certain circumstances. This last license is the most important license. After obtaining this license, one can directly apply for jobs in Airline companies.

Airlines Jobs.

After obtaining three licenses and completing course, one has to apply individually in various airline companies. Airline companies take interviews of particular individuals to select suitable candidates for jobs.

There are many premium airline companies which provide pilot various facilities. Some major Airlines Companies are mentioned below.

2Qatar Airlines.
3Lufthansa Airlines.
4Etihad Airlines.
5British Airlines.
6Singapur Airlines.
7Thai Airways.
8Japan Airlines.
9Air New Zealand.
10Air Asia.
11Hong Kong Airlines.
12KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
13Air France.
14Air Canada.
15Philippine Airlines.
16China Airlines.
18United Airlines.
19American Airlines.
20Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Best Airlines.

Cadet Pilot Program.

This is introduced to increase the employability rate of students. This is a tie-up between flying schools, airline companies and a bank. But this program requires students to pay some fees apart from all fees.

Student Cadet Program means that students have to choose one airline company and if Flying School has tie-up with that airline company, then students get a direct job in that respective company.

Type Rating.

Students passed in interviews undergo a type rating course. Type rating course allows handling cargo and passenger aeroplanes efficiently. This course includes virtual handling and real handling.

In Flying Schools, students are not directly given aeroplanes to handle. Flying School provides students with only two-seater aeroplanes.

After Type Rating.

This job includes post of First officer and Captain. Captain seats on left side in Cabin while First officer seats on right side. Initially Commercial pilot gets job for the post of First Officer. With years of experience, company may promote First officer to post of Captain.


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