Flipkart Affiliate Marketing: Elite Earning Method (Grab It)

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing By middleera

(Flipkart Affiliate Marketing) : Flipkart is known for the best products and for the best eCommerce Store all around the world. But besides just ordering the products from Flipkart you can join their affiliate program and you can start earning from it. Flipkart has its own affiliate program which is built to get more sales for Flipkart.

Flipkart is one of the most successful and best commerce store for books and gadgets. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal introduced Flipkart in 2007. Both of these founders of Flipkart have completed education from the Institute of Technology Delhi. They were working in Amazon before starting the Flipkart company.

They introduce an affiliate program so that we can earn from it just by promoting their products as well as they can also get profit.

How does Flipkart Affiliate Marketing work?

In very simple steps you need to have a website or application. It is very difficult to build application but it is very easy to build a website so save your money and build a website on WordPress

(if you want to know how to build a Professional website on WordPress then visit this article).

Once you have to build a website you need to add the affiliate products from Flipkart to your website for that you need to have Flipkart affiliate account. Once you have a Flipkart affiliate account. Now you need to add products from Flipkart to your website.

Get higher ranking in Google and once your product is ranking in Google then you may have more sales from your affiliate link. Also, you may refer products to your friends family and colleagues so that you can make some extra income.

Once the visitor or your friends purchased the product from your affiliate link Flipkart will give you a Commission. Flipkart has a threshold of 2500 rupees it means that you need a minimum of 2500 rupees in your affiliate account for transferring money in your bank account.

Once you’ve completed 2500 rupees in Flipkart affiliate account Flipkart with automatically transfer your commission in your bank account.

How to start Flipkart affiliate marketing.

Promote your own affiliate links on your website or on your application or on your Facebook group, get traffic on your website. Once you have traffic on your website and once the customer purchased the product from your affiliate link you will get the commission and once you have completed the threshold of Flipkart the commission which has earned by the affiliate link will be transferred to your bank account within 45 days.

Some important steps.

  1. Get your Flipkart affiliate marketing account.
  2. Select a category from Flipkart.
  3. Start adding products on your website or on your application.
  4. Get a higher ranking in Google.

As we said you need affiliate account to start earning from flipkart. So once you have an account then you may proceed further.

To earn money from Flipkart affiliate you need to have a website or blog website or any other kind of source from where you can promote their products. Besides this, you also need decent traffic or a customer base so that it may help you to make sales of those products which you are promoting.

Once you have decent traffic on your website you need to understand your customer base is interested in which type of products?

It should not be like your customer base is interested in electronics and you are selling clothes on your website.

First, try to understand the people who are visiting your website our your blog is interested in which type of products. If you get an idea that your customer base is interested in Electronic then try to sell Electronic Products. This is the key to your affiliate marketing business success.

Flipkart Affiliate Technology.

In Flipkart affiliate marketing they have introduced their own Technology in which you can see the stats of your affiliate products how many products do you sold yesterday, how many products are sold today, your conversion rates and how much money you made by selling those products everything related to your stats is visible on your Flipkart affiliate marketing dashboard.

Vast range of products.

Flipkart is one of the most popular E-Commerce stores not only in India but all around the world. There are millions of visitors who visit Flipkart every day. Every day there are some discount sales running on Flipkart so it encourages people to visit Flipkart.

Similarly, you can promote their products on your website and you can drive more sales just by promoting the Flipkart products on your website or blog.

Flipkart affiliate panel.

Once your affiliate partner of Flipkart you need to know no real-time activity of your Flipkart affiliate business. So to know the real-time stats of your affiliate business Flipkart provides you a Flipkart panel where you can see all the stats related to your affiliate program.

How many people watched your products, how many of them purchased it and what Commission you made from it, and what you generated from it. You can watch everything related to your affiliate program.

Commission rates of Flipkart affiliate marketing.

Here is the list of categories available on Flipkart and how much Flipkart gives Commission on particular category.

Mobile, Tablets and Accessories.5%
Cameras Accessories.10%
Laptops and Accessories.5%
Baby care and Toys.10%
Bags, Wallets and belts.10%
Fragrances Beauty and Personal care.10%
Home and Kitchen.10%
Audio Players and Speakers.5%
Music, Movies and Posters.10%
Sport and Fitness.10%
FlipKart Affiliate Marketing Commission Rates

Flipkart affiliate marketing tools.

Flipkart provides various types of tools to their affiliate partners tools such as banners, widgets, APIs and many more. By using banners we have to select a product and it will automatically create a banner for you.

Just put that banner on your website and then when someone clicks on that banner it will be redirected that person to the particular product on Flipkart and once if he purchased it from Flipkart you will get the commission.

Flipkart affiliate Marketing widgets also works in a similar way you just have to select a product and Flipkart will create a widget for you and just put the widget on your website and in a similar way if someone purchases a product by your affiliate link you will get the commission.

Flipkart affiliate marketing.

When someone purchase some products from your affiliate link then Flipkart will provide you real-time reports it means that you can watch how many people are purchasing products from your affiliate link how many of them returned the product what type of product are they buying and everything that you need to know.

Flipkart direct install.

Flipkart direct install means Flipkart will provide you with a link and if someone installed the Flipkart application by clicking on the link then Flipkart will pay you 15 rupees per installation.

Flipkart affiliate marketing requirements.

Here are some requirements for you guys if you want to join Flipkart affiliate marketing program the important requirement is

  • you need to be 18 plus.
  • you need to have a pan card .
  • you need to have a website.

These are the Minimum requirements that you need to join Flipkart affiliate marketing program and there are more requirements to join Flipkart affiliate marketing but that requirement are regarding to withdrawal.

The electronic gift voucher (EVG).

Things you will need for the electronic gift voucher (EVG)are are your address proof.

The electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Things that you will need in the electronic fund transfer (EFT) are your bank account details cancelled cheque.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing has been currently paused. They are working on Development and improvement on Flipkart Affiliate Program.


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