Full Business Guide: Dropshipping Business in India 2020.

dropshipping business in 2020

Dropshipping is one of the best business to do in India. Most of the digital entrepreneur do this business. Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are sort of the same thing. But the difference is, in affiliate marketing you get a fixed number of commission and in dropshipping, you are your own boss, you can apply your own margin and that is not fixed.

How to start dropshipping in India?

If you want to start a dropshipping business in India you need to consider some things such as Niche Domain name and a Good Hosting.

As in the previous article, I have explained all of these things (you can visit that article.) – Domain Name and a Good Hosting.

Go through the internet and search for a Niche that is low competitive it means that you can get easily high ranking in Google for that particular Niche.

The best source to do dropshipping in India.

  1. Aliexpress.
  2. Amazon.
  3. Flipkart.

Here we will explain to you, how to do dropshipping using these three companies like Aliexpress, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Go to any of this platform and according to your Niche search for products. Make a list of 20 to 30 products. Before searching all these 22 to 30 products, search the keyword difficulty and the search volume of each product so that you will get an idea that those keywords can get higher ranking in Google or not.

The keyword difficulty should be low and the volume should be high. If you are starting from scratch make sure that your keyword difficulty should be below 10 and the search volume should be high as far as possible for the example above 1000.

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1. Master Guidelines to start dropshipping from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is one of the most powerful market in the world and also the best wholesale online market in the world and considering this you can take advantage of this thing to make yours on own Profit.

A. Steps to start dropshipping from Aliexpress.

Get TLD domain ( TLD stands for top-level domain) for example .com or .CountryCode and good hosting to host your website on. Install WordPress on your hosting customize your website. Make sure that the website should look premium if it is not you are not going to get sales.

Then the next important step, Go to Aliexpress and search for at least 20 to 30 products according to your niche. Add those products to your website but not at the same price now here are the important things come outs. Many of the drop shippers put the same price or very less margin and that is why they get unsuccessful in this business.

You have to apply your margin to each and every product. Margin means your own profit. For example, if the price of one product on Aliexpress is 400 then add the same product on your website at the price of 450 to 500.

Do the same thing just as we explained now. Then if one person purchases one product from your website then you will get a profit of the margin which you applied to that product.

B. Let’s take an example.

You have listed 20 products on your website one of those products is on Aliexpress at a price of 400.

Now add the same product on your website at a price of 500 and if someone purchases the same product from your website you will get a profit of rupees 100 because the same product was on Aliexpress at rupees 400 and you sold the same product at rupees of 500.

C. How will products get shipped to customer’s locations?

You just have a website, not a production house so how will you ship the product to the customer’s location?

In Dropshipping you do not need to have your own production house. So if we do not have our own production house then how we are going to ship the product to the customer’s location?

Once a customer ordered a product from your website then you have to take all of the details from your customer and you have to order some product from Aliexpress and make sure that, not to put your own address in the shipping address of Aliexpress, you have to put the customers address so that the product will get shipped to your customer’s location.

Once you have filled full details of customers in Aliexpress then at the end you will see a note box, In that box, you have to type “This is the dropshipping product so do not mention any branding and price tag on the box.”

When the seller will get you to order then he will see the message and he will not put any branding and pricing on the box so that your customer will not understand that this product is ordered from Aliexpress.

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2. Master guidelines to start dropshipping from Amazon.

Many of the drop shipper they start dropshipping from Aliexpress but you can start your dropshipping business using Amazon products too. And it is very easy to start your dropshipping business from Amazon.

If you would start dropshipping using Aliexpress it would be easier for you because the whole delivery process is going to handled by aliexpress. But if you are starting dropshipping from Amazon you have to handle the whole delivery process, and that is too very easy not very difficult.

A. Steps to start Dropshipping from Amazon.

Similarly, get a TLD (Top Level Domain)domain and good hosting then install WordPress on your hosting install theme and plugins, design/customize your theme.

Go to Amazon and make a list of 20 to 30 products for your website now again make sure that the product which you are going to list on your website should be low competitive the keyword difficulty should low and search volume should be high so that they can get easily higher ranking on google and you will get more sales.

Now again if one product is of rupees 200 then don’t add at the same price on your website. Apply your margin to that same product and then list that product on your website so that if someone purchases that product you will get your margin.

B. How to Deliver Dropshipping products from Amazon?

In Aliexpress you can add a note to seller at the time of adding all shipping details and in that note, you can add that “this product is dropshipping products so do not include price and branding on the box” but in Amazon, you cannot do such things, you do not get any option to add a note at the time of adding shipping details. So how to deliver those products?

For example, if someone purchased the product from your website now how to deliver that same product to the customer’s location? So now you have order that same product from Amazon but not on the customer’s location but order that same product on your location so that the product will get delivered on your location.

The great thing about Amazon is they have a “One-Day” delivery option it means that the product will get delivered within some hours to your house.

Once that product gets delivered to your house or your location now you have to deliver the same product to your customer’s location. so how to do that? there is an online delivery service available you can use that and that is not very expensive ao else you can deliver the product and take shipping charges from your customer.

3. Master guidelines to start dropshipping from Flipkart.

Flipkart is one of the best online market in India and the great thing is Flipkart is an Indian company.

You can follow the same steps as I explained in Amazon dropshipping. The process is totally the same as Amazon.

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4. What resources do we need to do this business?

Well, you do not need any big resources to do this business but there are some requirements for getting started with this business.

A. Domain Name.

You need to buy a Domain and that is an essential thing because without a domain name you cannot start further. Domain name means the name of your website for example the domain name of Google is google.com similarly you have to purchase your company’s domain name.

You can purchase it from Godaddy or from any domain name provider depending on you what. We recommend to purchase it from Godaddy.

B. Hosting.

You need to purchase hosting because hosting is too essential for making a website. Hosting is not necessary for this business but it is necessary for creating a website and if you don’t have a website how can you start a dropshipping business? Therefore Hosting is important for this business.

Hosting means a server where all of your website data is being stored. Now once you create a website you will upload some images to that website you upload some text on your website so this all things are going to be stored in your server and that is your hosting.

So in short, you need to get hosting on rent. We will recommend you siteground hosting because this hosting is capable to handle heavy website. All your websites coding and things which Run your website is your hosting.

C. WordPress.

WordPress is one of the best open-source platform for creating any type of website whether it is a simple blog website or an affiliate website or a personal E-commerce website this is the best platform to create a website and it’s free.

Yes, the things which you need to purchase is a domain and hosting and once you have these two things you can install WordPress on your hosting and you can connect your domain with your WordPress and that is the only thing you have to do, now the main thing comes out is designing your website.

In WordPress you get thousand plus free themes or else you can buy the themes from third-party theme providers such as themeforest.net. ThemeForest is one of the best website from where you can purchase a thousand plus premium WordPress themes.

Now once you have a theme you also need some plugins (plugins means a software) which adds extra functionality to your website some plugins are used to make your website load fast and some plugins used for creating an e-commerce website and there are many plugins which you can use for different types of work for your WordPress website.

D. Team of 3 to 4 people.

Working in a team is not very necessary but it will be best if you have a team of 3 to 4 people. So that one person can handle the designing and look of the website the second person can handle the marketing of your website the third person can handle backlinks for your website and so on.

And also you need to be active daily on your website so it will be better if you have a team. Again I will say that team is not really necessary if you are alone you can handle it just you need to manage time for this business.

5. How to grow this business on a large scale?

Growing your business worldwide is the major factor that you should learn and this is important because if you do not grow your business how will you get sales?

According to us, you should not start targeting very big areas/states. For example, the city in which you live target it first, once your business is grown up in that particular City try to target more neighboring cities one by one and start growing that business in those particular cities.

So that your business and your website can get popular and also people will start buying products from your website rather than Amazon and Flipkart if they fount that you provide the best and very fast service than rather than shopping from Flipkart and Amazon they will start shopping from your website.

Some factors which you can use in your business to make it on large scale.

A. Advertising your Website and Products.

Once you targeted your city try to advertise your website as well as your products on both of these platforms online as well as offline. So that you can get customers from online sources as well as offline sources.

There are many platforms through which you can advertise your products online the best platform is Google AdWords make your ad on Google Adwords and target the particular City.

Note that do not target the whole country or the whole state just target the particular city which you have targeted so that the people will come to your website from online advertisement they will be from the same city.

Also, create a page on Facebook and start advertising. Create an advertisement on Facebook of your website and your products and you can get traffic from Facebook too. Facebook and Google Adwords are the best sources for advertising your website and your products.

B. WhatsApp and Telegram Groups.

You can start creating groups on WhatsApp and telegram and start adding your friends and your family members on that group and be daily active on that.

Start sharing your products on that group so that your friends and your family members can get updates, and if they like those product then they can purchase it from your website which will help you to get an extra income.

C. Create Blogs.

By creating blogs, you can generate some extra traffic on your website from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more search engines.

Write blogs related to your product and try to rank them in Google. before writing blogs you need to understand some things such as keyword difficulty and keyword volume/search volume.

Keyword difficulty means you have to check that will the post which you are writing can get easily rank in Google or not. The keyword difficulty should be below 10 and if it is below 10 you can easily rank in Google and if it is above 10 you need to do extra efforts like creating backlinks and all.

It is not necessary to create backlinks only if your keyword difficulty is above 10 you have to create backlinks if it is above 10 or below 10.

6. Is this Business worth doing in 2020?

This business in India is on a very small scale. Not many people do this business so you have the best opportunity to start this business in 2020 and yes it is worth doing.


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