Detailed Information About Pune:Places, Food, Colleges, etc.

Information About Pune

Pune is one of the popular cities in India. Pune carries a large historical and cultural heritage. Pune was earlier called Poona during the British era. Later it was changed to Pune in 1978. One can say that in India, Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities. Pune has witnessed many developments taking place in the past decade.

Many people search information about Pune with high curiousity. As Pune is seeking attention of many people, people usually serch information about Pune on Google. No one can give correct information about Pune except Punekars.

The public Transportation system in Pune increased rapidly in the past few years. Maharashtra government had decided to establish a metro system in Pune.

Pune City comes under the jurisdiction of Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune Municipal Corporation is one of the renowned Municipal corporations in Maharashtra after BMC. Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad are divided by the Mula Mutha river.

Why Pune is so famous?

Pune’s fame is not restricted to just one field but number of diverse fields.

Pune has a large number of historical and cultural monuments present. Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple, Shaniwar Wada, Sinhgard Fort, Agakhan Palace, etc.

Apart from historical monuments, Pune has some modern tourist places like Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Iskcon Temple, etc.

Pune has large number of educational institutions. Hence it is called as Oxford of the East. Famous colleges like COEP, Indian Institute of Science and Research Pune, PCCOE, MIT College, VIT College, Fergusson College, Symbiosis College, BMCC College are situated in the Pune region.

Puneri Misal is one of the famous dishes in Pune. Not only Misal, but Pune is also famous for various other food like Vada Pav, Bahubali Thali, Puranpoli, etc. Tourists often visit Vaishali Hotel, Barbeque Nation, Barbeque Misal, Rupali Hotel, Garden Vadapav, MH12, etc.

Pune celebrates festivals of all kinds. Ganpati Mahotsav and Palkhi are celebrated with joy in Pune. During Ganpati Mahotsav, one can see Mandals from place to place around the city. Various Mandals organize Naataks, Dance, and Puppet show. Dagdusheth Temple is a place to visit during Ganeshotsav.

Is Pune expensive?

is pune expensive

Currently No, in future maybe Yes. As mentioned above, people are constantly migrating to Pune. This may lead to a shortage of lands in Pune similarly like in Mumbai. Currently, Pune is not so expensive. People easily get homes with all kinds of luxurious facilities in Pune.

Real estate businesses have shown rapid growth in the past few years. Businessmen nowadays are slightly inclined towards the real estate business sector in Pune. Due to competitiveness in this sector, prices are increasing day by day.

There are many regions in Pune which are highly developed and modernized. Koregaon Park, Magarpatta City, etc are some of them.

People living in such are highly educated and well-behaved. In such areas, People can freely roam around at night.

Pune Transportation System :

Pune's Transportation System

Information about Pune’s transportation system cannot be defined on internet but on the roads. One has to travel in buses, trains to provide best experience and information about Pune.

Pune has highly developed Road connectivity system. As mentioned earlier, Maharashtra Government has also decided to built metro system in Pune. The work is in progress, almost 50 % work is done.

Pune has last mile connectivity with large number of buses and rickshaws running across city. Suppose you are lost in the city, just go to main bus stop, you will find buses to every corner of the city. Manpa is one of such stops. Hence it greatly helps students to do up down from Home to College. Instead taking rooms on rent, students can get monthly student pass. Rickshaws play important in role door to door connectivity. In Pune, everywhere you go, you will find rickshaws. This helps people to use public transport instead of using bikes, car, etc.

Not only buses, Pune local trains also help employees and students on greater extent. Pune-Lonavala is one of the busiest train routes.

Lonavala is also a nice tourist spot. One can visit Lonavala by catching the local train to Lonavala. To get detailed information about Pune’s local train schedule visit the official website of railways.

Environmental Information About Pune

Environmental-Information About Pune

One can predict Climatic Information about Pune but cannot feel it. As a Punekars, we provide factual and real information about Pune. Pune’s environment is of mixed type, but healthy. In some areas in Pune, totally healthy environment is present while in crowded regions the pollution mark is on the red level. Mostly traffic jams contribute to pollution in the city. Otherwise, Pune is one of the best places to live with ease.

But due to this, the migration of people to Pune is increasing rapidly. As we know that Mumbai also had such an environment in the past. But due to overcrowding, Mumbai resources got limited. Today we are witnessing a shortage of lands in Mumbai and property prices are three to four times of Pune. Nowadays many people prefer Pune over Mumbai. This is because of healthy environmental conditions in Pune.

Malls in Pune :

Malls in Pune City
  • Amanora Mall.
  • Seasons Mall.
  • City One Mall.
  • Phoenix Market City.
  • Nucleus Mall.
  • SGS Mall.
  • Kumar Pacific Mall.
  • Ishanya Mall.
  • Inorbit Mall.
  • Dorabjee’s Royale Heritage Mall.

These are some of the famous malls in Pune Amanora Mall is one of the biggest malls in Pune. Amanora and are opposite to each other divided by road. These two malls are present near Magarpatta City region. Seasons Mall,

Clubs in Pune :

top clubs in pune
  1. 18 degree,
  2. Thikana,
  3. Agent jacks,
  4. Locals kharadi,
  5. Xion Mall,
  6. Phoenix market city
  7. Bust A Move.
  8. Oak Lounge.
  9. Coco – Sushi & Bar.
  10. Euriska.
  11. The House Of Medici.
  12. 1 Lounge And Restaurant.
  13. Penthouze.
  14. Area 51.
  15. Local Gastro Bar.
  16. Sensation.
  17. Unwind.
  18. Moh Maya.
  19. Effingut Brewerkz.
  20. Publiq.
  21. Teddy Boy.
  22. Mix@36.
  23. The Fishbowl.
  24. 360 Degree Revolving Restaurant.
  25. Saiko.
  26. Thikana.

These are some famous clubs in Pune. The nightlife in Pune is enjoying. On weekends, People visit clubs at night to chill off from hectic daily life. These clubs are situated in modernized regions of Pune.

At last, Pune is better to place to live a healthy life. Pune has better environmental conditions, unlike some other cities.

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