(Total knowledge) make a blog website in WordPress plus money.

make a website using wordpress

Many people think creating a website is super hard. We required coding knowledge and more stuff. But do you know creating a website using WordPress it’s super easy, according to us creating a website in WordPress is just game of half an hour.

Are you a doctor, a pilot or a civil engineer and you are thinking to create a personal blog or an appointment website but you don’t have any coding knowledge because you are not a computer student don’t worry. We will teach you how to create a website without any coding knowledge.

Now make a website using WordPress without any coding knowledge is ok but what about the budget. you don’t need to invest a big amount of money for creating a website, Don’t take any tension will try to make a website at the maximum budget of 1500 rupees.

Now in a market people will take 50000 to 100000 from you for making a simple website using WordPress. But what are we doing that we will tell you how to create a website in wordpress in only Rs. 1500.

Here is how to make a website using WordPress.

Why choose the only wordpress for building your website?

I think in this whole world there are billions of websites and many of them are on WordPress. It is a content management system(CMS). It is very easy to use and to modify. Using wordpress you can twist your website to where you want. And that’s what the wordpress is one of the best CMS platforms to build a website.

Make a website using WordPress(Benefits).

  1. It’s free to use.
  2. Its open-source CMS platform to build a website.
  3. You can design your website the way you.
  4. It allows you to install plugins which will be easier for you to get additional functionality is on your website.
  5. It is optimised fast and Secure to use.
  6. You can run any type of website you want (for example personal blog, business website, Tours and Travel website, agency website, and any kind of website).

Big companies who have make a website using WordPress.

  1. Facebook Newsroom.
  2. Mercedes Benz.
  3. Inside Blueberry.
  4. BBC America.
  5. Sony music.
  6. MTV news.
  7. PlayStation blog.
  8. Bata.
  9. . C-panel blogs.
  10. Vogue India.

STEP 1: choose wordpress.

As I said WordPress is one of the most powerful platform to build your website it allows you to design your website the way you want it is totally free source to build your website. In WordPress you can install plugins which will add some extra functionalities to your website.

Plugins are actually a software which adds extra functionalities to your website it means that if you are creating an E-commerce website then you will need to install a plugin called WooCommerce. what this plugin will do? it will add all E-Commerce functionalities to your website so that your normal website will be an eCommerce website.

STEP 2: Get your domain.

The domain is your website’s web address. Using Domin people can visit your website from anywhere around the world. For example, the domain of Google is google.com domain of Facebook is facebook.com in a similar way you need to buy a domain for your website.

How to choose a Domain?

People find it very difficult to choose a domain name but actually it is very easy to choose a domain name.

There are two type of domain names.

  1. NICHE NAME – Decide any one niche in which you want to work. Niche means any one category. (for example Technology, business, fitness, travel and education and there are many more that you can select.)
  2. BRAND NAME – In brand name, it doesn’t include any type of niche the name suggest brand name means to select a unique name And in future it can be a big brand (for example Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, BMW, Audi and there are many more)

I can give you simple techniques through which you can find the best domain name for your website.

How to choose a Niche name?

Selecting a niche name is very simple you have to select a niche in which you want to work. If you decide that to work in the technology category then select name such as techieupdate.com/.in (.com or .in recommended)

How to select a Brand name?

Choosing a brand name is a bit difficult. You need to choose a unique name. Take the example of big brands such as at Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, etc.

Choose a name which can be easy to spell and easy to pronounce so that people can remember your name easily and if there I want to visit your website again and they can easily put in the dominant and I can directly visit your website.

STEP 3: Get the best hosting.

To make a website using WordPress Hosting is the important factor, Hosting is your server it means that all of your storage and things which you are using in your wordpress website and your website will be Hosted on the particular server.

It is important that your hosting should be powerful because your website’s speed depends on your hosting.

Many of the websites they take longer time to open, this problem caused due to the hosting, so your hosting should be powerful and please note and your hosting provider should give you SSD storage.

SSD storage is 10 times faster than HDD so always use hosting company which will provide you with SSD storage. Siteground, A2 are some of the powerful hosting companies but they are too costly if you live in India this hosting will cost around 10000 to 12000. But we to finish up with the maximum budget of 1500.

I will tell you one of the best hosting provider company which will provide you hosting at very cheap rates and using that you can make a website using WordPress but it is not necessary that this company provides hosting at very cheap rate that means the hosting is not good. The article which is reading now is hosted on the same hosting company.

Don’t take tension if you are new in this business then at the starting moment you don’t need hosting which will cost you around 10000 to 12000, you can start with low investment and in future you can shift your website from another hosting provider which are best.

The hosting company which I am talking about is Goviralhost. This hosting company is one of the best hosting providers in India they not only provide hosting in India but they also provide it all around the world if you are at any corner you can purchase their hosting plans. The Rates of this hosting company starts from rupees 20 per month.

STEP 4: Connect your domain with your hosting.

Once you have a domain and hosting now you need to connect these two things with each other so that you can install wordpress on that Domain. To connect the domain with hosting it is very simple if you have purchased domain from Godaddy.

Go to the DNS management and then go to Nameservers, now Godaddy has their own nameservers so you need to first remove their nameservers now come back to your hosting and then hosting provider will give you nameservers, just put that nameserver to Godaddy nameservers and in within 24 hours, your domain will get connected with your hosting.

Once these two things get connected with each other then you need to install wordpress on that domain so that you can easily create your website.

Now you will get access to Cpanel. From Cpanel, you can control everything such as connecting Domain, your file manager and every essential thing that you will need regarding your website. Now from the Cpanel and go to WordPress and select a domain name on which you want to install WordPress.

After that, it will ask you to set a username and password, here are the important things we should remember this username and password because whenever you will need to login to your wordpress dashboard you need to enter this username and password.

After you set a username and password then click on install and it will take 30 to 40 seconds to install wordpress on your domain.

After doing the following steps you will get access to your wordpress dashboard now onwards you can start designing/creating your website.

STEP4: Install the theme from your wordpress dashboard.

To make a website using WordPress you need a theme On your wordpress. You will see appearance block under that you will see the theme, click on the theme option and search for any theme which you want on your website we recommend Ocean WP generate press for Astra.

Install and activate any one theme now your website look it completely changed it is just changed your website is not completed yet the main thing is you need to design it but before that, we need to install some plugins at her functionalities in your website.

STEP5: install plugins from your wordpress dashboard.

If you wish to make a website using WordPress than plugins plays an important role for your website. As I said plugins means software which will add extra functionality to your website and it is important to install some plugins for your website.

Here is a list of some important plugins that you can use to make a website using WordPress and you should install in for wordpress website for a better experience.

  • Elementor.
  • Contact form 7.
  • More 4 plugins…CLICK HERE

After installing plugins your website will get some extra functionalities.

STEP6: Make some important pages.

if you want to make a website using WordPress then first you have to create some important pages for your website. Here is a list of some important pages that you should create in your website.

  • Home – Main Page of your website.
  • Blog – A page where all of your posts will be available.
  • About Us – Write something about you or your Company.
  • Contact Us – Use the Contact Form 7 plugin and add a contact form on this page
  • Privacy policy – Privacy policy of your website or company (You can generate it using Tools available in google)
  • Disclaimer – Disclaimer of your website or company (You can generate it using Tools available in google)
  • Terms and conditions -Terms and conditions of your website or company (You can generate it using Tools available in google)

STEP7: design your wordpress website.

We have installed some plugins now there is one plugin called Elementor that will help you to make a website using WordPress which is a page builder plugin using this plugin you can get any type of look at you to want for your website. Designing a website using Elementor is super duper easy and it’s just a drag and drop.

Elementor gives you access to 100+ templates which you can use in your website. And it is not very difficult it is just one click import.


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