BMCC Pune: Admission, Campus, Events, Departments, and Courses


Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC Pune) is an autonomous college and one of the oldest commerce colleges in Pune as well as in Maharashtra. BMCC Pune is affiliated to Pune University. It was established in 1943 during the British era. It is now situated on BMCC Road, Shivaji Nagar Pune.

It is present behind FC College. College was given autonomy three years ago. College is not only famous in India but also in various other countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Africa. Many international students from these country’s take admission to BMCC to learn the cultural heritage of India along with BBA and BCom.

The admission process of BMCC Pune.

admission process

The whole admission process of the college is online. College releases its admission form on specific dates every year. Students have to fill these forms to get into COEP. To take admission for the BBA course, one has to pass the entrance exam conducted by the college itself. The format of the review is an MCQ pattern.

Many famous alumni of the college are Sharad Pawar, Cyrus poonawalla, Amey Wagh, Alok Rajwade, etc. To get more information about BMCC Pune, please visit:

Is BMCC a government college?

Yes, BMCC Pune is Government College. It is affiliated to savitribai phule pune university . The certificate are provided by savitri bhai phule Pune University(STPU).

Is attendance compulsory in BMCC Pune?

75% of attendance is compulsory in BMCC Pune college in for BCom as well as BBA.
The teacher may pass students if their attendance is near 75%. It totally depends on the teacher.

What is the cutoff of BMCC Pune college?

For the open category in 2019, the cut of marks where 82% in the 12th standard. Another cutoff depends upon various kinds of categories like OBC SC and ST etc.

Campus Of BMCC Pune.

bmcc pune campus

BMCC campus consists of the playground, canteen, library, etc. students can play various kinds of sports like cricket football, Kabaddi kho kho badminton, etc. Are the main campus of BMCC started with the ground and two ways to the main building near the main building? There is a BBA building, and behind it, there are a basketball court and library, and beside the main building, there is Cyrus poonawalla hall and small ground for the hostel?

The main building and we’re building are fully separated. They are the central office’s administration offices computer lab there are different in different buildings is the admission office in the main building near is situated near the Tata hall, and the BBA office is located on the ground floor.

The college has two parking zone on the college campus, limited vehicles of parking near the left side of parking it is connected with the canteen. Tata hall is the main hall present in the college in the main building of the campus area. Pidhi hall is present on the college campus, where various cultural events take place every year.

BMCC is present in front of very beautiful hills called Hanuman tekadi. Tour to this hills experiences like a Jungle tour. College students are usually seen under the mother tree, a place near the Gymkhana. All students always gather there for any meetings or any talks.

BMCC Pune College hostel.

Two separate hostels are present for boys and girls on the college campuses. Girls’ college hostel is better in infrastructure as compared to boys hostel. College hostels are present near the college within walking distance.

The College mess is satisfactory. The college focuses on the cleanliness of the hostel primarily. Every morning Cleaners clean the campus. Gym facility is available for hostel students. They also get an opportunity to play various sports in the evening.

Courses Offered By BMCC Pune

  • Junior College

The minimum eligibility to get into junior College is to pass 10th grade with distinction. only commerce stream is present in the college.

  • Under graduation

The minimum eligibility to get into under graduation course in BMCC is passing 12th grade with cut off marks. BBA and BCom courses are two courses present in college.

  • Post-graduation

The minimum eligibility to go for a master’s degree is a bachelor’s degree. Only the M.Com course is present in college.


  • Sports department.

Cricket football Kabaddi volleyball Coco, etc. are organized and regulated by Gymkhana authority of college. It is an optional subject that provides opportunities for students to get into a sports career. Students are credited with one credit per year.

  • NCC department.

It is one of the elite courses to undertake in college. If you take NCC for three years, nine credits are added to your profile.

  • NSS department.

NSS department allows students to help various backward classes socially and economically. Various activities are organized every Saturday within the campus to teach volunteers how to do social work. For two years, of course, students are credited with five credits to the profile.

  • Cultural department.

It is full of cultural events like singing, dancing, acting theatres, etc. To enjoy college life, along with studies, the cultural department is favored. Students are provided with credits for participation in various events.

Many other departments are present on the campus like Red cross, nature club, learn and earn department, etc.


Two main events occur in the college every year. Students enjoy a lot during these events. They get the opportunity to play various games. Various sports tournaments are organized by the college on the campus. These events are held only in BMCC college, along with few other colleges in Maharashtra.

  • Astitva.

It is a cultural event held every year by the cultural department of the college.

  • Troika.

It is a new era event held by the BBA department every year. It is the most significant event in college. The event includes various activities like photography, cars show, bikes show, etc.

An online facility in BMCC Pune.

The college has its own online system. College sends various notices notification regarding recent events to the students via mails, SMS, WhatsApp group, and on their official website. College also takes online MCQ exams first 20 marks in one semester each to improve students’ knowledge.


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