Big Bang: Was it an Explosion or an Expansion?

Big Bang: Was it an Explosion or an Expansion?

When we hear the term Big Bang, the first image that comes out in our mind is of an Explosion. A Theory used by scientists to explain the beginning of the universe which commonly we think as the universe began with an explosion of matter. But is it true that our universe began with an explosion ?. Let us debunk the myth about the big bang.

The classical Big Bang Theory.

The idea of the Big Bang was seeded in the 1920s by ‘B​ elgian Priest​’. According to him if we run time backward to its beginning of time maybe everything would collapse into the ‘Primordial Atom‘ also known as ‘Singularity‘.But the problem with a singularity is that it doesn’t mix with the laws of physics.

Big Bang - Primordial Atom

One night Edwin Hubble was studying the light coming from distant galaxies after observing light from several galaxies he realized that the farther he observe galaxies the red light in the spectrum gets more red which is called redshift. Through his observation the galaxies are moving farther and farther away from each other, Hence, he concluded that if the galaxies are moving apart from each other then the universe must be expanding. this discovery of the expanding universe in 1925 gave a boost to the idea of Belgian priest.

Hence, According to the Classical Big Bang Theory, The very first beginning of the universe with no space and time, Everything in the known universe was compressed into a smaller dot called Primordial Atom, Suddenly out of this, the universe expands at hyper-fast rate-making galaxies and the observable universe we see now and is still expanding. 

if we say Big Bang was an explosion of matter from a common center then there must be an ignition point to actually result in the big bang causing into an explosion like a firecracker needs to ignite to explode And there must a trigger to ignite the explosion which according to famous Theoretical physicist ‘Michio Kaku‘ can be Higgs boson. A particle of the standard model that gives mass to matter and can break the symmetry. He says “Higgs boson have put the bang in the big bang“. 

Big Bang - Higgs Boson

Revealing The Truth Of Big Bang.

Studies have shown that our smooth homogeneous universe doesn’t appear to be a result of an explosion and there is no such evidence that the Higgs boson must have triggered the big bang. 

Astronomers and scientists strongly believe that the universe didn’t begin with an Explosion, this can set us in the wrong direction because all the volume observable universe is filled with galaxies and has no empty center.  So the big bang was not an explosion of matter but it was the expansion of space itself in all possible directions. Which commonly means is that every single thing is getting farther away from everything else in space.

For example, Think of a blowing balloon and draw little points on it, do not mislead that there is an empty center that is blowing the balloon, pretend that there is nothing inside or outside the balloon. Now if we imagine ourselves as a 2D creature traveling on the surface of the balloon, as the balloon blows we would observe that every single point on the balloon is getting farther away from every other point with no empty center. At the same, we are on the surface of the universe and we observe galaxies moving farther and farther away from every other galaxy.


If that is the case do we need another dimension to understand the big bang?. The answer is “No”. Scientists are sure that the universe has no edge or it might have a very large shape.

Everyone in the world wants to know how our universe began, it is one of the most focused topics by scientists. But saying Big Bang as the beginning of the universe would mislead us, there are lots of shreds of evidence that prove the big bang a wrong theory.  The universe is very mysterious the more we study it the more mysterious it becomes, we still don’t know how the universe began but we know how it works, it looks like we are reading a book without understanding the first few pages of it.

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