BCom: Syllabus, Information, Jobs, It’s Positive aspect.

Full Detailed information BCom and MCom

Bachelor of Commerce, also known as BCom, is one of the most popular courses, commerce students choose.

The duration of the course is three years. It is nothing but specialization in a particular field, ie. Finance, etc.

It is an extension of basic knowledge gained in Junior College.
BCom degree is the minimum eligibility criteria in most of the finance companies.

BCom Subjects :

Optional Subjects vary from College to College. Compulsory subjects may differ from state to state.

Students get the opportunity to choose 2-3 optional subjects. Students get a wide variety to chose topics from the banking sector to the corporate sector.

Students can also opt for Entrepreneurship subjects to enhance their knowledge about startups. Students also get the opportunity to learn various languages such as Hindi, German, Marathi, French and other regional languages.

Students also get various opportunities to participate in multiple clubs and events depending on colleges. They also get opportunities to participate in numerous business courses apart from College syllabus.

After completion of the course, students get a course completion certificate which may help them in the future. The degree may or may not be useful, but knowledge gained during the session is helpful in future

Compulsory Subjects (b.com)

First YearSecond YearThird Year
EnglishBusiness Communication.Advanced Accounting.
Accounting.Corporate Accounting.Business Regulatory Framework.
EconomicsBusiness Economics.Indian and Global Economics.
Auditing and Taxation.
Compulsory Subjects (b.com)

Optional Subjects (b.com)

First YearSecond YearThird Year
Computer Concepts.Elements of Company Law.Banking and Finance.
Mathematics and Statistics.Vocational Tax Procedures.Cost and Works Accounting.
Banking and Finance.Cost and Works Accounting.Business Statistics.
Marathi.Entrepreneurship.Computer Applications.
German.Business Statistics.Marketing Management.
French.Business Management.Administration.
Marketing and Salesmanship.Marketing Management.
Organisational Skill Development.Banking and Finance.
Foundation Course in Commerce.Strategic Finance.
Optional Subjects(b.com)

Is there Maths in BCom?

Maths is an optional subject for BCom students. It is not a compulsory subject. Compulsory Subjects include English, Accountancy, and Economics. Instead of Maths, students can take a Computer or any language course

Is BCom easy?

BCom is one of the easy courses students can choose. It requires less hard work in comparison with other courses

BCom college hours are less as compared to other courses. Students get a chance to do other activities.

I know many friends who opted for BCom. They usually say to me that it is tensionless. They put fewer efforts on studies but more on extracurricular activities
Easy does not mean useless.

If one focuses and masters the studies in the field of commerce, he/she will have a bright future. Economics, Accounting, etc. are practised almost everywhere.

On an international level, the vital thing is the economy. If economic growth of the county is good and stable, then the country is considered as developed

Is BCom useless?

Nothing is useless unless you make it. Everything has its pros and cons. You should focus on the positive aspects of Bcom rather than negative ones.
Not only BCom, for every course, this example is applicable

It is like tasting lemon juice without making it. For the tasting, first, you should make it. For making the best lemon juice, you should select good lemons. Then you have to extract juice from it and make lemonade. Then you can taste it.

From the above example, we learn that we should never judge a book by its cover. Good lemons in the above example refer to good friends. After making lemonade suppose it turned to be sour then you should not regret it. Instead, you should be happy that you learned the recipe for making lemonade.

Jobs after BCom :

BCom is the minimum requirement for most of the posts in India. Graduates can seek employment in various sector. Graduates can apply for many jobs, such as :
• Banking
• Computer Handler
• Employee in finance companies


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