Aloe E-cell: A startup that makes Eco-friendly batteries.

Aloe E-cell startup

Aloe vera, a plant which in today’s day and age is used for various cosmetics, aloe vera is also known for its various health benefits like regulating blood sugar, natural laxative, beneficial to reduce breast cancer in women, and various other.

aloe e-cell health benefits

Apart from all health benefits can Aloe Vera be used to make batteries? Nearly 97% of raw material for batteries are imported from other countries to India which adds pressure on the Indian economy up to 149 billion, also after using these batteries the end up in landfills causing high risk of pollution and various toxic elements entering lands which eventually is entering in our food, causing various diseases.

In order to tackle this problem one startup in India named “Aloe E-cell Pvt ltd” has made an Eco-Friendly battery using Aloe vera.” Nimisha Verma” and “Naveen Suman” Co-founders of Aloe E-cell said that “Aloe E-cell is future’s need and a step towards a sustainable development and reducing carbon footprint”.

aloe e-cell innovation

Aloe E-cell an Eco-friendly AA battery of 1.5 V using Aloe vera as a major product and can be the best alternative for the existing hazardous batteries that we use in our day to day life. The best part of this battery is it is 10% cheaper and 1.5 times durable than the existing batteries making them more affordable and strength to pull off in the market.

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This startup is also beneficial for farmers growing aloe vera on their land, this is because India is one of the leading producers of aloe vera producing nearly 10% of total production, but the supply is very low than the production. This startup could encourage these farmers by buying aloe vera on a large scale.

Aloe E-cell Atma Nirbhar Barat

Through this incredible innovation, Nimisha Verma and Naveen Suman were awarded by National Startup Awards 2020 in the sector of energy. This is one step for India towards “Atma Nirbhar Barat”.


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