All Saints High School Khadki: Complete details of school.

All Saints High School Khadki

All Saints High School Khadki is a school situated in the Khadki region of Pune. It was established in 1966. All Saints High School Khadki is Convent English medium School. The school is situated near the Khadki Cantonment Board region and Khadki railway station.

School is quite big in terms of its campus area. The school has its church named All Saints Church. School is situated near to Old Mumbai-Pune Highway.

All Saints High School Khadki is primary and secondary school ranging from nursery to 10th grade. School follows Maharashtra State Board Syllabus.

School Campus :

All Saints High School Khadki Campus is quite big. The campus consists of Library, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Art and Craft Room, Auditorium, Smart Class, School Canteen, Staff Room, Authorities Office, School Ground, Two Stages, Parking Zone, Water Fountain, etc.

The auditorium has approx. 60 long benches. Parent’s meetings, official meetings are usually organized in the Auditorium. Teachers also sometimes take dance and singing classes.

On each floor, the staff room and smart class are present. For the nursery, LKG, and UKG classes, special benches, and TV are available.

School Campus is covered with trees and small plants. These trees and plants help the School campus to avoid pollution from the nearby roadside regions.

The drinking water facility is available on each floor. The School Campus is pretty much clean. Regular cleaning is done in the campus area.

School provides various sports equipment. With the help of this, students can play many games. Football poles are available on School grounds.

Classrooms of small children are creative. The whole classrooms are painted by various paintings of cartoon characters.

Freedom fighter’s portrait are put on walls of the office.

Academics :

As mentioned earlier, school is up to 10th grade. In school, some special type of learning is adopted. First teachers give theoretical lectures and then take smart classes on that particular topic. Various seminars are conducted on different topics. Sometimes special guests are invited to deliver a lecture about the same.

PT subject is taught in a similar passion for teaching other subjects. Theory and practical lectures are conducted in All Saints High School Khadki.

Regular Homework is given to students. Some Punishment is given to those students who fail to submit homework. This is followed in almost every school. So homework is the same as other schools.

All Saints High School Khadki Authorities focus on knowledge of the environment. Field trips are organized by All Saints High School Khadki for subjects Environmental Studies and Geography.

The school has a separate library. Books are issued in the name of the student. He/She must compulsorily return the book after 7 days of issue date.

Students also get a chance to participate in scholarship exams like Olympiad Exam, etc. Due to this, some eligible students may get financial support.

Apart from studies, students are also sometimes given personal counseling regarding career goals.

Extra Curricular Activities :

Sports day is celebrated outside the College campus. On the day of Sports Day, the parade is organized by All Saints High School Khadki. Four groups of students perform parade. Each group is known as “House”. Four Houses are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These groups are headed their respective Captains. These groups participate in various sports competitions. The winner gets the school trophy.

Various sports competitions are Rangoli, Flower Arrangement, Lemon and Spoon, Book Balance, Running Race, Best out of waste, hockey, football, etc. Hockey and football are quite famous in All Saints High School Khadki.

Various cultural activities are performed by the students. Students participate in Fancy Dress Competition, Dance Competition, Debate Competition, Drama Competition, etc.

Funfair is organized every year by School Authorities. Funfair is enjoyed by students. Some students organize food and game stalls. 10-20 rupees are taken from people to play games. Parents can also join the funfair program.

Salad Competition is arranged in which a large number of students participate. Some of them make a very delicious and well-decorated salad. They are later awarded by certificates.

The school arranges a picnic for the students. Destination depends on classes. Teenagers are taken to adventure parks.

Festivals celebrated in All Saints High School Khadki :

Independence Day :

This Day is a historic day in Indian history. The whole nation celebrates independence day. Sometimes Government Officers are invited for Flag Hoisting. Sweets are distributed among students. Students perform on various songs. Some sing patriotic songs while some perform drama. Small children’s participation in these programs are things to be witnessed.

Republic Day :

Mostly Flag Hoisting is done by Principal Sir. Republic Day is the day on which our Indian Constitution was implemented in India. Dance, Singing, Drama are performed by the Students.

Annual Day :

This event is probably arranged in November or December. This event is based on some theme provided by School authorities. Students perform on this day on various songs. Sometimes Celebrities are invited as a Chief Guest.

Christmas :

On the day of Christmas, students visit Church. Students are allowed in civil dress. Students enjoy this a lot. Food arrangements are done by the school staff. The Christmas tree is decorated by students. The whole school campus is decorated.

Hindi Diwas and Marathi Diwas :

Students recite Hindi and Marathi Poems. They also sing Hindi and Marathi Songs. They dance on Hindi and Marathi songs.

Teachers Day :

On this day, students take charge of teachers. Students give greetings and flowers to teachers as a token of love.

Yoga Day :

Students perform yoga in School Campus. Yoga Instructors are invited to teach yoga.

Science Day :

The science exhibition arranged on campus. Students also make working models and projects and show teachers on this day.


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